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  1. Thanks you very much @mikel . It works perfectly
  2. Hi all, I use TweenMax to try a animation bouncing down a image. The problem is when I using transformOrigin attribute ( transformOrigin:"bottom" ), the image do not scale rightly. I want the image scale from top to bottom. Can you tell me the solution for this problem? Sorry for my English. //here is svg circle. It's work normally var duration = 3; var tl = new TimelineLite({delay:0.2}); CustomBounce.create("myBounce", {strength:0.01, squash:2}); tl.to("#ball", 2, {y:200, ease:"myBounce"}) .to("#ball", 2, {scaleY:0.7, scaleX:1.1, ease:"myBounce-squash", transformOrigin:"bottom"}, 0) // Problem here, when I replace circle by an image. the transformOrigin bottom no working var tl2 = new TimelineLite({delay:0.2}); CustomBounce.create("myBounce2", {strength:0.01, squash:2}); tl2.to("#burger", 2, {y:200, ease:"myBounce2"}) .to("#burger", 2, {scaleY:0.7, scaleX:1.1, ease:"myBounce2-squash", transformOrigin:"bottom"}, 0)