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  1. help me and recommend any online courses that teach advanced GSAP, thanks. Like this site: https://alfacharlie.co/
  2. ZachSaucier and Dipscom, thanks for feedback. I thought someone could have had the same problem using barba.js, GSAP and wordpress, because I see many sites that use GSAP with page transitions, I will keep searching.
  3. Hi guys! I'm learning GSAP a few months, with the help of community, this is my first work using GSAP, in progress yet. Thanks all for help! And i have another question, about page transitions, shared element transitions between pages. See website reference at link: https://alfacharlie.co/ See the effect of transitions between pages, the softness the animations. I used the barba.js in html + css and it worked, but not working fine in wordpress, someone to help me achieve page transitions in wordpress site?
  4. Thanks for the help, I'm going to give you still pride
  5. Hi elegantseagulls, very cool, but I still do not understand how pollyfill works, but it's something I'll study.
  6. Hi Jonathan, I would like it to work in the main browsers, chrome, firefox, safari and edge. I could actually use a pollyfill for versions of browsers that do not give this support, but I still do not quite understand wel how to use pollyfill.
  7. Thanks everyone for the help, I will study the best solution for my case, I am studying GSAP more and more, my goal is to make amazing websites in the near future.
  8. yes, I was looking for a solution for gradient text without css, just with javascript, so that it would be compatible with older browsers, the animation only worked in firefox in version 67.
  9. Hello PointC, sorry for my explanation. What I wanted to say was: Is it possible to do the gradient in the text without using the CSS: -webkit-background-clip: text; -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; Using only GSAP for the gradient.
  10. Thanks Zach! A friend helped me, but it works fluid only in chrome, any idea for running fluid on firefox too? Is there a way to get this done only with GSAP? https://codepen.io/rhcarlosweb/pen/jjZWJV
  11. Hello everyone, how can I animate with GSAP a gradient text using the css code below? Or some other way. background: linear-gradient(to right,#3b1c52 50%,#b51a84 80%); -webkit-background-clip: text; -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;