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  1. i think he mean theres no V-sync, Flash player doesn't support it i think, not until it supports proper hardware rendering
  2. hi, just some of my experience in multiplayer flash games. (I'm doing it for my uni project, so i'm not any pro/expert by all means) I've tested with 25 characters tweening round the screen firing at each other and tweenmax works perfectly and syncs perfectly (apart from the wobbly text i mentioned in other post ) However it doesn't really matter if tweenmax/lite is accurate or not, latency is the biggest problem. I use electroserver and tested with latency simulation and 25 concurrent users, unless you are on LAN or <50ms ping otherwise it almost guarentee you need to do some latency smoothing and hiding, even then its not perfect. There are many different techniques as well. TCP connection is slow...Basically its impossible to have dead on synchronisation across clients, since server does most of the work to predict their locations, and clients just do some animation to trick people. Really missing tweenlite when I'm coding the server side in java, its so convenient!
  3. I managed to make it a lot smoother if I move the background to snap to the character's coordinates in an enterframe loop It probably is the way I'm tweening, at the moment the character can move in 360degrees direction, that may be the reason its wobbly wonder if forcing it to fly only 8 directions will make it smoother, will be trying this next looking forward to the Text Layout Framework in cs5
  4. I really dislike how flash "rendered on whole pixel values" disabling the filters solved the problem but then there are no filters for the text. Are filters designed for non moving objects only? Is there a way for flash to not rendering them in whole pixels? and is there some other way I can create dynamic text with outlines(like the filter I applied)? Thankyou
  5. Hi, I have some problem with animating textfield/text inside a movieclip Basically I have a textfield inside a movieclip, and I'm tweening the movieclip xy values for movement. The textfield display however becomes really wobbly when tweening, its still wobbly whether I use animated text, bitmap text, filters/shadows on or off, html text or not etc Everything tweens smoothly tho. Even when I place movieclips inside that tweeing movieclip. By the way I use the IDE to drag and position the textfield, embed fonts. Below is a screenshot of the textfield display, its inside the character movieclip: it just wobbles alot making the animation look rough. Turning the framerate up to 60 didn't help either. Are there any ways to solve this problem? Other method I can think of is to add it to a seperate layer in the background and use enterframe to make it snap to the position every frame, haven't try this yet. Don't get why the textfield is so wobbly anyway Thankyou Yaure
  6. Is it necessary to null a tween created with the new keyword? or just use kill() ? thanks
  7. o, stupid me forgot to initialise my textfield to be a number >_< working great with TweenMax and roundprops now thanks
  8. I think your getNewDot() function need to have a return type, and your class need to return something too Just change all the :Shape to :MovieClip to use movieclip e.g. function getNewDot():MovieClip { return xxxx }
  9. oops, made a mistake in my wording The top one works ok, I was gona ask whether the below should work or not, as I get NaN TweenLite.to(num_txt, 0.5, { text:String(value) } ); TweenLite.to(num_txt, 0.5, { text:int(value) } );
  10. By the way is below the ideal way to tween an int/number value of a dynamic textfield? public function updateNum(value:int):void { TweenLite.to(this, 0.5, { _num:value, onUpdate:txtUpdate } ); } private function txtUpdate():void { num_txt.text = String(_num); } I saw somewhere in the forum you can use { text: } directly and set the mc to num_txt.text or something. But the textfield just shows NaN TweenLite.to(num_txt, 0.5, { text:String(value) } ); TweenLite.to(num_txt, 0.5, { text:int(value) } ); Both above shows NaN
  11. Just wondering how to tween an int or a Number variable, would it be something like endArray plugin or is there a more straight forward way? o, and another question, if I'm using dynamicProps is there an easy way to update the time as well? would be nice also if it can call a function to recalculate the time every few seconds or so, something like an onUpdate but fires every few secs? Thanks
  12. cool, I'll stick with simple callbacks then Thanks
  13. I've been using quite a lot of onCompletes, onStart etc I see TweenMax have the onCompleteListeners so,, what are the they? Are there any differences?
  14. Thanks a lot! great to know tweens are synchronised I'm definately using timelinelite after seeing what u wrote controlling speed of animations
  15. Hi everyone I'm making a game with lots of character animations and I'm wondering whether there will be any differnce in using Timeline Max or lots of Nested Movieclips I'm using Flash IDE and the animation I'm making have the main character walking in 12 directions, each walking cycle have 5 bitmaps, I put them into frames in symbols (I don't want to make some animation classes or load bitmap classes) The character also picks up many different kinds of weapons, with differnt movieclips showing the walking with different weapons in 12 directions, plus animation for shooting, get hit, effects etc... I've never made a game with so much animation before, I may be doing this in a very inefficient way What I do is to have a character container, and then different MC symbols for different weapons. Inside the the weapon symbols on the timeline there are lots of different layers, each of them represent animation(movieclips) of the 12direction, shooting, get hit, effects. I use stop() and invisble = false to hide the layers and tweenmax with frame plugin to control the frame animation times and character movement. I'm wondering whether timelinelite/max will be useful here instead of nested movieclips. The enemies will most likely be using the same method for animating.will there be any noticeable differences? or is there a better way for doing the character animations? jus another quick question, I want to get rid of enterframe and use tweenlite for looping(collision detection etc), are all tweenlite/max loops synchronised? e.g. will a 0.03delay loop on the player mc be the same as the enemie mc. Should I just use one main tweenliteloop? had some bad experiences with multiple enterframes before and I heard timers are bad Many Thanks Yaure