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  1. @mikel thats worked a treat, thanks so much. I've made a row of 'men' move forward at the same time, and then disappear. Perfect. Still unsure how to make it happen faster though? Have tried changing the height and time but nothing much happened. Its slowed down quite a bit now thats its a row of men rather than individuals. Also, how to get a second row of men to appear when the first row is about half way down the stage?
  2. Thanks @mikel I'll give those a go.
  3. Hi everyone, So I'm looking at making an interactive timeline of famous people in history and there will be hundreds of people with associated data. I'm using react (gatsby specifically). I want to be able to map through the data object and render about 10 people at a time on this pathway, and it looks like they are at the back of the path. Then, when the user scrolls down say, the people move forward towards the user, on the timeline. Then when they get to the front of the timeline they fade away. In the meantime more people have appeared behind them as they move forward. What I think is a size animation, so they get bigger based on trigger points on the screen. But what the heck do I know?? Theres so much info out there I'm bamboozled. So what do you think - scrollmagic? gsap? Where do I even start yo?! Advice please!!!
  4. Hello, I'm new to GSAP and exploring some animation with an svg low-poly image. I have a LOT of polygons in this image, and wonder if there is a fast way of getting all of the polygon fill colours and points? Am keen to make something like the exploding fox in the attached codepen, BUT don't want to have to manually type in each polygon info. Thanks!