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  1. THAT'S EXACTLY IT! So this is the trick?! timeline.totalProgress(0, true) I'll check immediately on my real project. Thank you! You saved my day.
  2. No, I haven't considered nested timelines. Building them using a function is not a problem but I wonder how you this would solve my problem. It'd be great to sort this out as it's the third time I come across it and I have to write some workarounds to overcome the issue. I'm looking at you example trying to adapt it to mine.
  3. Hi Dipscom, thank you for the quick response. I updated the code. Now at the beginnig you see the three elements all visible. If you click `play` 3 times you can see what's the animation is supposed to do. Basically I need to play them all before being able to play the timeline reverse. How can I set it so I can play reverse immediately? Basically I would like the blue and the yellow to be set in a way so I can then play the reverse animation. At the moment I haven't got a clue how to do it. I tried to set the blue and the yellow one with TweenMax.set(), but as I said, then the timeline doesn't work anymore even though it runs. (the <p> you see is just something to add to the timeline; the real one on my project is more complicated with all sorts of things happening, which I won't put in the example for the sake of clarity)
  4. Hello, I have a timeline which makes the first div disappear and, on complete, it plays the timeline on reverse on the second object, so the second appears. In order to prepare the second and third object to play reverse I set them up with a TweenMax.set(). The issue is that once TweenMax.set() runs it kills all timeline actions, i.e. if I play the timeline on those elements it works but it doesn't have any effect on the object. To see what I mean check the codepen and comment the TweenMax.set() on line 32-33 in the javascript panel. PS: the real timeline is very complicated that's why I'd like to play reverse rather then creating another timeline with the opposite actions Thanks in advance