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  1. Yup .. I agree. I've made over 20 iOS and Android apps using this library in Flash CC / Animate CC. Works like a charm.
  2. Curious why it is labelled as archive? Are you not doing any further development of Greensock for Flash ? Flash now Animate CC is still a very viable tool for app development. I do both HTML5 and AIR apps for mobile. AIR is by far my favourite. Just curious why not just have 2 categories instead of giving so little presence to the Flash version? It makes it seem like you arent supporting it anymore... which would be a shame.
  3. The other thing I thought of that might work.. is onUpdate.. check if the fish has left the right side or left side of the screen and fix the position. function checkFish1Position():void{ if(fish1.x >= 1200){ fish1.scaleY = -1; } if(fish1.x <= -100){ fish1.scaleY = 1; } }
  4. I've noticed also .. when I use onComplete.. it fires the event at the right time... however.. is there a way for me to fire an event when it resets itself back to the left hand side of the screen ? Basically .. my bezier params tell the object to move from the left to the right of the screen and then calls the same function again. onComplete fires when it reaches the right side of the screen... but then an animation occurs to send the object back to the left of the screen. How can I know when that animation completed ?
  5. I've attached my file.. with everything stripped out. You will have to add your own com folder with greensock plugins. When you compile you will see the fish swims from left to right .. but when it finishes and starts to go back to the left.. its upside down. Sample.fla.zip
  6. Here is what I am using TweenMax.to(fish1, 20,{bezierThrough:{type:"cubic", values:[{x:-400, y:700}, {x:Math.random()*stage.stageWidth, y:Math.random()*stage.stageHeight}, {x:0, y:Math.random()*stage.stageHeight},{x:500, y:Math.random()*stage.stageHeight}, {x:Math.cos(angle) * radius + xCenter, y:Math.sin(angle) * radius + yCenter},{x:1200, y:Math.random()*stage.stageHeight},], autoRotate:["x","y","rotation",false]}, ease:Linear.easeNone,onComplete:tweenFish1}); It's weird... everything works fine when the fish is moving to the right.... when it gets to the end of the animation is when it flips upside down. So it happens when the onComplete is fired. Is there a better way to keep the fish swimming randomly without having to do a hard onComplete reset the animation ?
  7. So I've been playing with the bezierThrough plugin. It's awesome. I'm trying to make a fish animation. I need the fish to constantly be moving to random coordinates. It's working. However sometimes the fish goes upside down. Is there a way to prevent this from happening ? Appreciate any answers. Thanks.
  8. Take a look at this example... http://www.snorkl.tv/2011/04/tweenlite-meets-flash-drawing-api-for-animated-line-drawing-fun/ The advanced option at the bottom in yellow. I'm looking to do something very similar except instead of drawing the lines.. I want the lines to already be present and then adjust when the circles y value changes. Any ideas how I can keep the line attached to the circles when the circles perform their Tween animation ?
  9. Is it possible with greensock to transform a circle to a square with rounded corners ?
  10. Worked out perfectly .. thanks!
  11. I'm trying to set top and bottom limits on a scrolling / tweening movie clip and can't quite get it to work. Here is my current code. Any help would be appreciated. var destY:Number = activity_mc.y; function handleMouseWheel(e:MouseEvent):void { trace(activity_mc.y); trace(e.delta); var _delta:int = e.delta > 0 ? 1 : -1; destY += _delta * 200; TweenMax.to(activity_mc, .2, {y:destY}); }
  12. I'm trying to scroll the "social-stream" ID. <div class="streamContainer fadeout"> <div id="social-stream"></div> </div> tried with this .. but not working scrollToBottom(); function scrollToBottom(){ TweenLite.to(".social-stream", 10, {delay:3,backgroundColor:"#000000", scrollTop:200, ease:Linear.ease, onComplete:scrollToTop}); } function scrollToTop(){ TweenLite.to(".social-stream", 10, {delay:3,backgroundColor:"#000000", scrollTop:0, ease:Linear.ease, onComplete:scrollToBottom}); } });
  13. I have an HTML page that is pulling in various social posts. Wondering it its possible to use Greensock to animate the page from top to bottom ... vice versa ?
  14. Wondering how I could accomplish an effect in the JS version. Basically want to make a horizontal line with a circle (handle). Think of it as the way a volume scrubber looks. I want the ability to drag / throw it .. when it reaches the end of the line it will bounce and and start moving the opposite direction. I would also need a colored line to follow behind it. If that makes sense.
  15. it wont let me Tween the channel variable from inside a function. If I put var snd:Sound = new DoorOpenClose(); var channel:SoundChannel = snd.play(0); TweenLite.to(channel, 2, {volume:1}); This will work however I need it in the function.