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  1. Is is possible to remove multiple classNames like so? Or possibly by wildcard "unit-*"? TweenMax.to(this.unit, 0.8, { className: "-=unit-focus -=unit-blur -=unit-offline -=unit-error -=unit-busy", ease: Expo.easeOut });
  2. Thank you Jack, you're totally correct. This was no LoaderMax issue. It's really cool to read your reply as it testifies of your knowledge and willingness to share. Thanks for the clarifying answer. Regards
  3. Hi Jack and fellow Greensocks. This is my first project with LoaderMax and SWFLoader. I make a banner that consists of a loader and a content file. When I test the project locally in FlashDevelop it works fine. When on server, the content-file never displays. The flashlog.txt-file shows me that the completeHandler fires repeatedly. Any idea why? See attached sample (of the loader).
  4. To other people having the same problem, the solution is to change the xscale and yscale slightly whenever you make the sprite a 3d sprite (when you modify the scaleY property: var scale_x:Number = _person.width / (_person.width + 1); var scale_y:Number = _person.height / (_person.height + 1); // whenever turning into 3d object: _person.scaleX = scale_x; _person.scaleY = scale_y; Kind regards, nitech
  5. Hi, I don't know if this anything to do with TweenMax or not, but when I rotate an image (rotationY), it gets blurred or smoothed in a way. I don't want it to blur. In the library, the image is not allowed to smooth... What am I doing wrong? _timeline.append(new TweenMax(_person1, 0.7, { rotationY:180, onUpdate:setSideVisibility, onUpdateParams:[_person1], ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:1 } )); private function setSideVisibility(s:Sprite):void { if(s.rotationY >= 90){ s.getChildByName("back").visible = true; s.getChildByName("front").visible = false; }else if(s.rotationY < 90){ s.getChildByName("front").visible = true; s.getChildByName("back").visible = false; } } See url. Affects both persons and text: http://avento.avento.no/sbm/index.html Kind regards, nitech