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  1. Bah, I mean timeline.currentProgress=1 of course.
  2. Hi, Calling timeline.clear([tweenArary]) does not clear tweens of an object if timeline.totalDuration=1 This is quite an issue for me. Is there a way to solve/sidestep this? See sample code of the problem in the attached zip. I'm using TimelineLite and TweenLite. Thanks, /JohnD
  3. I try to persist the width,height,rotation,x,y,scaleX and scaleY of a transformed object. Problem is when I set these values to a fresh object, they wont stick. The core problem is if I do: dobj.width=125.5; dobj.height=125.5; dobj.rotation=-17.55911975406459; dobj.x=181.25; dobj.y=111.4; dobj.scaleX=0.9999999901252807; dobj.scaleY=0.9999999901252807; And then immediately trace these properties, they're not the same: dobj.width=157.35000000000002; dobj.height=157.4; dobj.rotation=-17.53193678694493; dobj.x=181.2; dobj.y=111.35; dobj.scaleX=0.9990430805040824; dobj.scaleY=0.9990430805040824; Why is this and how can I set the values to be what I intend? Best regards /John