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  1. Hi Crag, I do get more desirable results this way. Whats the easiest way to pause all tweens if not on a timeline?
  2. No, the final product will have filters that will remove and add orbits. Any orbits that aren't removed when a filter is applied need to be set back to their start position and begin rotating again. See the attached codepen - how can a reset and restart immediately?
  3. This gets them back to their start position, but only when using pause. How do I return them to their start position but resume the rotation? Or maybe better to remove the animation and start again as a new timeline for performance? See the codepen...
  4. I cant seem to reset a rotating element back to its starting position - see Please could you help?
  5. Thought I'd tried that too. Will give it another go. Thanks.
  6. Not sure I'm using these functions correctly. The following returns a 'p.restart is not a function' error: var p = TweenMax.getTweensOf(path); p.restart();
  7. Thanks for all your help here guys. When adjusting the duration, how would you first reset the items rotation back to the 0?
  8. And in your example could I instead select box 3 via a class or data attribute?
  9. That looks to be exactly what I'm after. Thanks!
  10. Hi, Thanks for your reply. What I meant was, once all the element are animating, how can I modify the duration of one of the elements? I.e speed up or slow down one item only.
  11. Hey, When animating an unknown number of elements like so: var timeline = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}), items = document.querySelectorAll('.item'), startDuration = 20; for(var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) { var myDelay = (i * 0.5); animate(items[i], myDelay); } function animate(item, delay) { var a = TweenMax.to(item, startDuration, { rotationZ:'360', ease:Linear.easeNone, repeat:-1 }); timeline.add(a, delay); } What is the best way to modify the duration/speed of an individual tween? Thanks