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  1. I have a function that I would like to call after a staggerTo in a TimelineMax is called but am getting the error that 'callback.call is not a function'. I am pretty sure my initial call is correct: const heroTimeline = new TimelineLite({delay:'1'}); heroTimeline .add('start') .staggerTo([stage1_h1, stage1_h2], 1, {opacity:1}, 0.25, 0, '+=0', stage2); And my reference to the second function is correct....here is the second function: function stage2(){ heroTimeline .add('stage2') .staggerTo([stage1_h1_highlight_1, stage1_h1_highlight_2], 1, {width:'100%'}, 0.5); } But I don't think that is the problem....at least not what is in the second function. As it doesn't even seem to be getting in there. The variables in the array(s) have been defined and are working fine.