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  1. Awesome!! I found a bug!! You're welcome, thanks for the assist you guys! :D
  2. Yes!!!....But it doesn't work. None of the buttons click. ?? It's stuck on Power2 and nothing budges.
  3. Hi GS, I'm looking everywhere for the visualizer or something that allows me to adjust, copy/paste a bezier tween of some kind. Is that available at all? I can't find anything anywhere.
  4. Hi GS, (and Happy New Year!) Do I have this all wrong or is the proper way to unmask an expanding panel is to shift the container div 100px left while shifting the underlaying contents -100px the other direction? Is that how people animate an expansion? I haven't done this since the Flash days and I can't post a CodePen as the code I have is really involved and wouldn't translate. I feel like I'm doing a whole lot of plus/minus work with a number of elements and before I keep getting this straight would like to know if this is a good use of time and/or if somebody might have an example of what they'e done. Thanks so much for your time.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the full demo. That'll definitely help me approach Google's docs and build process for sure.
  6. Hi GS, I need to build a video banner, both polite and expanding. I've done this a bazillion times in the Flash days (Pointroll, Sizmek, etc.) and I have a really solid understanding of H5/CSS/JS (both fixed and responsive) but I still don't have a really concrete grasp of how this should be structured for traffic and vendor implementation. I know I can use Google Web Designer, but I'm really a big fan of vanilla JS and doing things from scratch. Can anybody help direct me to some basic examples of polite loads and/or expanding banners. Also, anything that contains video would be awesome. If anybody has some samples of code to share in this arena I'd be grateful. Thanks for reading.
  7. No worries, just wanted to let you know. Thx!
  8. Ah, seen now. I was linking to the CDN in the paragraph of GSAP 3 Overview, it's still old: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/gsap Thanks Zach!
  9. Cool, looks like I was trying to download the beta. I still can' find the CDN link in Docs though. Didn't there used to be like a menu drop-down or something?
  10. Link still broken. I'm trying his link above as I couldn't find a CDN anywhere for the GSAP 3 update (or earlier versions either for that matter). Wasn't sure if GSAP 3 was members only or not. Thanks!
  11. This is perfect. My content rarely exceed 200kb or so. I don't need (and don't know why people use) some sophisticated preloader. I just want the security that my clients won't see their content plop on raggedly. So THAT'S what autoAlpha is for. Cool, cool, cool. I have been dealing with that pesky "from Zero" issue with alpha for as long as I can remember. Just never had time to get around to asking about it. Just wrote a bunch of 5-minute hacks in CSS. This is one of those HowTo's that is a cornerstone to getting stuff done. There's myriad ways to getting this done but sometimes doing it in a direct fashion rather than a longstanding workaround is really nice. This is one of those instances. Thanks OSUBlake!!!
  12. Hi Greensock (and happy turkey day!), This is kind of a base question (and something I might already know the answer to) but I want to make sure that I have things sorted out to the best of my ability. What is the best (and lightest) way to hide/preload elements? I work in banners and rich media so stuff like jQuery is out of the question. I typically set all elements to .hide and then just alpha them back into sight as animated, but is there a better or more common practice that's used? My method works but it's kind of stubborn with some from/to tweening in trying to do things that way. So if there's a small loader function/library that frames() things in a loading fashion that would be great. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  13. I had no idea, that totally revamps my opinion of GWD. I'll have to check that out. Those dynamic features sound pretty useful as well, especially since they rely on versioning/testing and are many are probably pretty small. Thanks!
  14. Awesome, good to know. Thanks somnamblst!
  15. Hi GS, This is kind of a roundabout question. It has nothing to do with animation but affects my ability to build animate ads, so I thought I'd ask you guys... Google has all these bundled ad types and one of their advantages is using dynamic data for ads. I personally do not like animate using GWD. I find it primitive, clunky and restraining. I'd much rather use Adobe or GSAP to animate content. So I have this carousel ad that a client wants and the marketing team is handing me this panorama ad. My perspective is I can build a better ad using Swiper and GSAP, but they want dynamic data. Is there a relative open-source alternative that I can utilize or introduce as a dynamic data option so I don't have to lean on Google as a creative resource? Thanks for reading.