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  1. Hi there! Thank you one more time for a such great library. On my codepen when I press "down" button square to starts move down. If you press the "reverse" button during this time, the following behavior is expected. First, the square returns to its initial position, and then starts moving to the right. So, I need to add a tween at the beginning of the timeline in such a way that to shift the following siblings. In my codepen I add tween at the beginning of the timeline but it has no influence for next siblings.
  2. I agree with you that my question a little bit unclear. So I will provide an example to show you my case. https://codepen.io/kryvonos_v/pen/bqWEvq?editors=0010 In provided Codepen we have a box and two buttons: "Move" and "Move further". When I click "Move" button box starts moving to the right {x: 400}. If I click the button "Move further" before previous animation has ended I see bitter transition between animation. So, how can I achieve smooth effect in this case?
  3. Hi there! Is it possible to apply only specific interval of ease function to my tween. Something like: TweenMax.to( startPos, 2, endPos ); endPos.ease = Power2.easeInOut.interval(0.25, 0.9); I don't want skip first 0.25 and last 0.1 progress of my tween.