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  1. Hi, We purchased TM a couple of months ago, but we haven't received any updates. How do we get updates? It was my employer who made the purchase and maybe he forgot to register or something, but he hasn't received any e-mails from you (which I understand is the update procedure, but please correct me if I'm wrong). So how can we get the updates? /Fredrik
  2. Hi, Thanks for your elaborate answer. It helped me find a way to solve this. I only needed to modify your code by setting _isFlex = false; instead of _isFlex = Boolean(getDefinitionByName("mx.managers.SystemManager")) at line 308. In flash builder 4, I removed the FlexTransformManager component and instead added it in the creationCompleteHandler like this: var tTMvars:Object = {allowDelete: true}; pTransformManager = new TransformManager(tTMvars); pp_transformSprite = new Sprite (); pTransSpriteParent = new SpriteVisualElement (); pTransSpriteParent.addChild (pp_transformSprite); pp_editGroup.addElement (pTransSpriteParent); Where pp_editGroup is a spark.Group container that is on the stage. I had to use an intermediate SpriteVisualElement (spark) container as a parent because it handles all the child method calls from TM, which the Group container cannot. All the objects which I need to transform then gets added to the pp_transformSprite, followed by a call to TM's addItem and it works. The parent group can now get cropped by setting its scrollRect. We wanted to do this so that the user could zoom in on different areas of the stage while editing. This solution doesn't expose any of the display corruptions I saw earlier. If its because we're cropping the new spark.Group container or if its due to the intermediate parent, I don't know. But it works. I hope this can be of some assistance to you when you eventually upgrade TM to support Flash Builder 4 when it's released. /Fredrik
  3. I need to be able to crop the parent of the parent containing the transformItems. But it results in a strange behavior where the whole container or parts of it disappear (or get cropped) in a reather unpredictable way. It seems dependent on the size. I noticed that you disabled scrolling in FlexTransformManager. What is the reason for that? In other words, how can I successfully set the scrollRect of a parent container?
  4. Using TransformManager will not work if you are using a Spark container as a parent. You have to use an MX container such as the canvas, which FlexTransformManager extends btw, in order to make it work. Since Flash Builder 4 allows the usage of MX-containers for backwards compatibility, it will work. But TransformManager does not support transforming direct children to any of the new spark containers. I hope support for this will be added soon, since Spark offers several advantages over the old MX components.
  5. Found the solution for making transformmanager work in Flash Builder 4: In your mxml-code you use the TM-component as usual: Then you simply package the displayobject in a UIComponent like this (i'm including it in my loadComplete handler): private function onLoadedSWF (evt:Event):void { var tLoadedContent:DisplayObject = evt.target.content as DisplayObject; var temp_UIComponent:UIComponent = new UIComponent(); temp_UIComponent.addChild(tLoadedContent); pp_transformManager.addElement (temp_UIComponent); } That's it! This way everything works, including TM's layer handling (bring to front, etc..) /Fredrik
  6. Hi, I'm currently working on a project in Flash Builder 4 for which we recently purchased a TransformManager license. Is there any way to get TransformManager working in FB4? If not, when do you think you can release a version which supports it? The obvious problem, as far as I can tell, is the replacement of child functions with element functions in FB4. Best regards, ExpeditionCirkus (Fredrik at Toxic Interactive, Sweden)