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  1. In my use case iOS still can’t work perfectly just like @Basilico says, and I want to use the parallax effect in iOS, but effect bind with ScrollSmoother. Maybe can separate parallax effect from ScrollSmoother?
  2. @GreenSock I got the same problem and fighting for all day, and I try the beta file it's worked!!😭 Please sand me the beta files~ 😭 😭 😭
  3. Since I use "transform" at the parent container by some layout requirement, so I need pinType: "transform" instead of "fixed". I already figured out some way to change my layout to avoid this, thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi, I'm using 3.5.1, and I find when I using `pinType: "transform",` and `markers: true,` at the same time. And will get error of `TypeError: Window.getComputedStyle: Argument 1 does not implement interface Element.`. ScrollTrigger.create({ ... pinType: "transform", markers: true, })
  5. Thanks for your answer, and Yes, it's pretty clear. I enjoy work with GSAP, thanks again.
  6. Hello, I want to make sure the detail about GSAP business license: `` Our paid license is only necessary in projects that you sell to multiple end users. `` If I'm making the E-Commerce website with GSAP, do I need the GSAP business license? (I tried to use Contact Us page to ask this question, but the form submit always got error) Thanks!