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  1. Hi-- I'm pretty new to SVG, but have used GSAP since it's early days in Flash. My question is, does the MorphSVG plugin only work with paths or can it be used to work with polygons and circles and other shapes in SVG? Thanks!
  2. Whoa. Thank you! This is a lifesaver! /grimey P.S. I've actually used GSAP with AS3 for years, but am starting to need it for web work now. Whoever thought JS was a suitable replacement for AS3 was in err, IMO.
  3. Is it possible to animate the opacity of a DIV's background-image property? I have a client who wants a slideshow on his index page with the header on top of the images with a little transparency. The images will swap out beneath the header. Horrible idea, I know, but it's a paycheck. Thanks!
  4. grimey

    draggable concepts

    Is there a way to make this work by dragging on a div instead of an img? I need to drag more than just an image, unfortunately. EDIT: Okay, again, coding without caffeine. I've got it now. Thank you!
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    draggable concepts

    Ack. Please ignore this for a moment. I'm coding without caffeine.
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    draggable concepts

    Thank you! Love the example. That's really the jumpstart I needed. For the labels, I'll be placing dots on the map with the names of locations. Users will click on them to open more info. Also, the label text will change based on user preferences, so they'll be very dynamic. My thought was to add the map as the background image of the draggable div and add absolute positioned divs for the labels inside. I don't have all the images and content yet, just trying to get a headstart on this project. I'm sure they'll arrive hours before it all needs to be online. Thank you again!
  7. grimey

    draggable concepts

    Hi-- I have a very vertical map (2300px tall) and want to drag that within a window that fits the browser window 100%, so it scales when the window scales. To add another level of complexity, I need to add other divs that scroll with the map -- map labels. These labels will be controlled with other JS functions so they can't be images. Is this doable? I'm not even sure how I'd layout the containers for this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the garbage collection problem. I'll have to rethink my strategy. My only hope was to avoid having a separate function to remove a child after it's faded out or slid off the stage or something.
  9. Hey! Can TweenMax condense the syntax for functions similar to this: TweenMax.to(mc,.5,{x:10,onComplete:function() { // do something when the tween is complete; }); Some kind of of shorthand for these functions would be a great time/code saver. Thank you so much for TweenMax! It makes my customers' dreams come true! :grimey