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  1. Thanks Zach. I used the onUpdate method and tweens per tick with overwrite. I initially used the same values for duration that I had used for the scrub, which should then theoretically take the same amount of time (without a performance drawback and infinite ticks per second). I had to change the values a bit because it got a bit slower after all, i think. But maybe that's just subjective because of the blinking before. https://codepen.io/Skadi2k3/pen/RwrjqWP?editors=0010
  2. Hey, thanks for making ScrollTrigger! One of the demos on the ScrollTrigger documentation page had different scrub values. Since I can't update the scrub value directly I was trying to replace the entire active ScrollTrigger, but that applied a tween of the start state till the current ScrollTrigger position on update. Is there a sensible way to replace the active ScrollTrigger with another one, without tweening from the start? I can see that there is a certain complexity to that, especially when you have a timeline hooked up. The tweens of the killed ScrollTrigger instance should keep their state and scrub to the state of the next ScrollTrigger instance with the new scrub value :-) Animation of the pen should be: scrolling down -> lower discs move first and upper disc drag behind, scrolling up -> upper discs move first and lower discs drag behind.