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  1. Thank you all for your input! It was as simple as play(0). Thank you, PointC. It is now working beautifully. I also fixed the issue of jumpy hover effects by targeting an <a> I wrapped around it. Now just to smooth out the animation. OSUBlake, I'd love to learn more about map() and objects. I'm still relatively new with the behavioral side of coding and I didn't understand how they would help me on this point, but that's probably because I'm not entirely grasping it. I looked at the CodePen you provided and I saw there were multiple buttons whereas I only had the one. If you
  2. I have a multi-stage menu animation that I've been tinkering on for a while now. I have finally got it to work, but it only works once all the way through and then it breaks when you try to revisit the menu a second time. For the first part, the chopsticks grab the fish on hover. If you leave the sushi menu without clicking, the animation reverses. The second part happens on click. The fish is consumed as the menu expands and the chopsticks cross to form the closing button. The third part is a second click that closes the menu and reverts the sushi menu to the initial position WITH