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  1. dmitryBz's post in Dynamic element update was marked as the answer   
    OSUblake, dear, you saved my nerves by finding this article!
    I am watching on this github issue from start using angular2. Animations..Few week's they said...
    So I started to use greensock power again.
    At this moment problem seems to be fixed. Running gsap tools outside the Angular works fine for me. No more tonns of viewUpdates and not updated bindings.
    For persons, who have similar problems, i just leave it here:
    import { ..., NgZone} from '@angular/core'; constructor(private ngZone: NgZone) {} //Run things outside angular this.ngZone.runOutsideAngular(() => { this.draggable(); // Draggable.create(..etc) this.myTweens(); // Tweenmax.to(..etc) }); //Tell angular to fire view check (in somewhere outside function) this.ngZone.run(()=>{ this.someVar = true; //change var and tell angular to update it }); That look's not good, but as OSUblake noticed- at this time angular2 not properly supports 3rd party animations.
    Thank you all for answers, especially OSUblake.