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  1. Thank you for your anwser. Please elaborate. How would fromTo resolve the situation. The idea is that if I make banners then "tl2" is doing something (like scaling an image slowly in thebackground) while "tl" contains text and other animations that are mostly in sequence. In some cases whats happening in "tl" needs to affect "tl2" action (like stop the image from scaling and making it to scale to 0. Tanks
  2. (In Animate CC) I have been at this for a while but cant figure out how to restart an animation from the beginning values when I use an overwrite. A basic example. On "tl2" timeline a symbol scales slowly from 0 to 100. After 3 seconds "tl" timeline overwrites and scales this symbol back to 0. Both of these timelines are nested inside a "maintl" that runs on a endless loop. In this case when "maintl" restarts the "tl2" symbol is not at 0 scale but at where it was cleared and scaled back to 0 by "tl". How to restart the "maintl" so that scaling starts again fro
  3. Could you elaborate what might have been causing Adwords to block the CDN provided url(4th party call error). Perhaps this is completly unrelated but the 3.2.4 version of gsap contains a url to greensocks site. The older version that works for me does not have that url in the code (2.1.2).
  4. Hi! As I understand they (Google) just uploaded new versions of GSAP to the Google CDN. This is fine but I dont think thats where the error is. The error is probably somewhere with Adwords system or Doubleclick. (i think in my case it was a Adwords banner).
  5. Indeed. And it validates the banner as "ok". Fails when it's uploaded to "Adwords".
  6. I have not had the chance. The next campaign that asks for GDN banners I will slip one gsap 3.1.0 version in. See if it makes a difference. Though it should not matter as the rejection was weirdly for the domain not a specific javascript file.
  7. I don't have direct discussion with Google however the media company reached out to google tech support and the answer from them was that the error has something to do with the landing page that they had entered. Media changed the landing page in adwords system but the result was the same. Then media removed the gsap and createJS links after wich the banner was accepted by the system (although it did not animate offcourse anymore, sic). I went back to gsap 2 but have not had the chance to test. Right now we sent them gif versions as the campaign is at a deadline. Other banners (ones that did n
  8. The validator actually is fine (works there, no errors). The error ocurred when I sent the banner to the media agency and they wanted to put the campaign online. Google Ad Studio or what ever they are using for Adwords rejected the banner with the error code : "Invalid fourth party call". And shows its own CDNs domain (https://s0.2mdn.net) as the offending url.
  9. Hi! Google keeps rejecting Animate CC banners made with greensock 3 .01. Reason of rejection is that there are external resources loaded. However I use the greensock and createjs from Googles own CDN. <script type="text/javascript" src="https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/cached_libs/createjs_2019.11.15_min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/cached_libs/gsap_3.0.1_min.js"></script> Has anyone come across this ?
  10. Hi! Is it possible to animate a pendulum slowing down like effect with greensock's yoyo and repeat function where each repeat cycle rotates the pendulum less and less. Staggering has the cycle function for this.
  11. Is the name of this movie clip that that things are wrapped in known. Can it be targeted by code?
  12. Solution found on Adobe Forum: Disable Advanced layers by Modify/Document/Use advanced layers.
  13. Hi! I use Animate cc in conjunction with greensock to develope banners and animation. In Animate cc 19.1 there looks to be a bug or change in code that affects how nested animations work in symbols. Used to be able to do this: tl.to([this.sym1.sym2],1,{x:"-=500"},"+=0"); Moves sym2 inside sym1 500 pixels. Making a new animation in "19.1" this no longer works. However opening a file in "19.1" made in version "18.whatever" this still works. If possible please confirm behaviour. Or perhaps there is a better way of targeting ne
  14. Thank you for the suggestion Jack. I remember similar issues and it might be a case of "ghost of Flash past" However it's out of my scope of Javascript knowledge . I'll look in to it though.