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  1. 25,25 is the top left corner of the container as in my example. I tried Dipscom's suggestion and it worked. Thank you all.
  2. http://codepen.io/rlaurencelle/pen/pegKZV In my example I have an object located at 300,200 within a container div. If I wanted to tween it to X,Y coordinate 25, 25 I would have to calculate the difference between the current coordinate and the target coordinate and use the result in tween code. I have many objects and it would take time to do this. I was wondering if GSAP has a method that does this for you automatically - so you can simply provide the target coordinates and GSAP will do the rest? In effect, tell the object to go to the specified location instead of the using x: and y: to tell it how far it should move to get there.
  3. Is it possible to tween an object to a target coordinate? For example, my object is at x;50, y:50. I want to tween from this location to x:13, y:45 without having to do the math.
  4. Here is the Codepen. Thanks.\ http://codepen.io/rlaurencelle/pen/pegKZV
  5. I'm having trouble trying to hide the backface of a 3D rotating div that contains text. I'm actually rotating a container div that contains a div with an SVG graphic and a div with text. The text backface is not hiding when the div rotates. Here is the abridged code: <div id="Q1"> <div id="Q1img"><img src="images/Q1.svg" alt=""/></div> <div id="Q1outerText">Stages of Change</div> </div> var $Q1 = $("#Q1"), $Q1outerText = $("#Q1outerText"), tl; tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.set($Q1outerText, {backfaceVisibility:"hidden",transformStyle: "preserve-3d"}) .to($Q1, 2, {transformOrigin:"right top", rotationY:135, delay:2, transformStyle: "preserve-3d", zIndex:10, ease:Power1.easeOut});