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  1. hi

    plz help me


  2. tnx @Dipscom The code sample was excellent. I want to add the Time Line Code to codepen. To learn better
  3. hi @Dipscom Because I want to influence a few <Div> at the same time
  4. please Teach me how to Write TimeLine instead of TweenMax in codepen tnx.
  5. Hello, I want that with the change of #href and the ID of the called element, these two still maintain their relation. Something except #href and ID that we can activate ID with a click on <a>
  6. hi Different Greensock javascript code does not work together on one page. Why?
  7. i get it. i changed that and now it works . thank you . i like greensock
  8. hi mikel ok. but still there is a problem with the type project. it should move to right and close to the right line but it moves to the left
  9. hi thanks mikel for your correct answer. i send another codepen in which the movement of each part is different how to these to work to together ?
  10. tnx mikel How to get back to the original after leaving the mouse? Now in the code above, one of the objects remains in the same state after leaving the mouse.
  11. tnx mikel ??? When two blocks are together. Each one does not work alone. https://codepen.io/milika/pen/xrXqOG
  12. hi carl tanx . but i have another problem: how this works if there are two different classes ? 1- block-detile 2- block-date
  13. hi i want these actions to occur when the mouse enters in class of "block-detile" the width of "line-type" reduces , the "text-type" moves left and "text-info" appears and when mouse goes to another side, return to its main states
  14. Yes Like a slide show Or a menu or like play timeline
  15. Hello I've got five Box and five buttons. I want the first button, the display Box1 and other boxes are hidden. Button 1 => Box 1 Button 2 => Box 2 Button 3 => Box 3 Button 4 => Box 4 Button 5 => Box 5