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  1. Here is one http://www.mediafire.com/file/fxrt7idr1d7a0pu/MYB.zip
  2. I have got help to create a html 5 banner that is accepted by the google test, but I still cant use it, I got google on phone and they told me they could not open the zip ? Picture: https://cl.ly/0X3e452H3B3X Question to all people who already have troubleshoot this process; Do I need double click and what is this, what is it most likely the be the error when google themselves don't give me and answer would someone be kind checking the code ?
  3. Thank you for great support PointC I have now added GSAP trough the gear icon and removed all the code my pen don`t need. Still it is just blank ?! Please take a look I have no hair left to pull out : http://codepen.io/eekern/pen/XpOvzE
  4. Thanks, like this ? I still get blank page. Man, this is so much harder than I hoped, haha. All I want is a mobile ad for adwords with a timeline and two pictures that overlay each other.
  5. Could someone tell me why the code works on desktop but NOT in codepen ? I like to use codepen to explore http://codepen.io/eekern/pen/XpOvzE
  6. got it, thank you so much. Now that gsap is activated and I can start play around with it, do I have to enter the size somewhere or will it auto fit? Let`ts say I will only use mobile ads first: 300 x 250, 320 x 480, and 480 x 320
  7. Thanks Joe_midi I decided to listen to you and try some codepens, and I hit a problem right away, how do I "activate" the gsap ? This is my pen, I am sure you can see the error right away. http://codepen.io/eekern/pen/XpOvzE My question now is: Is it a way I can "code" the ad to fit all adwords sizes ? My goal is ti make a slider and have before/after pictures changing when a visitor drag the slider Thanks
  8. Thanks for quick reply, I will invest in Edge then. Isn't it ironic that the google ad program sucks for making google ads ?
  9. Thanks for taking your time sharing this incredible story, I am completely new myself, and now - thanks to you, completely sold on GSAP
  10. Got it, thanks. Sorry to ask simple questions but I have read a lot of threads and wonder if: flash + GSAP the most preferred way to create adwords dsplay ads? I also wonder if I can make a opt in (ask for mail or phone number) inside display ads ? Thanks
  11. The more correct term is "ROI calculators" Example, drag a stick of "how much do you want to spend on ads" and see the number of profit go up.
  12. Ok I forgot to mention that I am a total noob. I only understand HTML and CSS Can I use js in adwords ? Thanks a lot
  13. Hi, this is my first post so maybe I missed a thread about this but after little search I decided to create a topic. I REALLY want to create a adwords ad with calculators, I have seen this it the fatloss space, the credit card space and want to make it for my PPC agency. Is it some guides somewhere I can follow, some examples? Thanks alot, eekern