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kreativzirkel last won the day on May 30 2017

kreativzirkel had the most liked content!

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  1. Thanks! Feared so. What is `overwrite: 'auto'` doing in your scrollTween? Also thanks for the idea of killing the tween when `wheel` event is triggered.
  2. Heyho partypeople, Long time no read I got another issue Blake is probably already preparing a solution for while I'm typing is. I feel like he has a 9th sense for this. Anyhow: We want to avoid using swiper or any other heavy library for our simple carousel use case. Scroll-Snap + GSAP should be enough. But, but .. but? When animating the scroll position with gsap in a snap-scroll scenario, it seems to not animate smoothly, but rather "flash" in steps. Question 1: Why is that happening? ScrollToPlugin bug or intended behavior / acceptable ca
  3. Hey @OSUblake, how does your solution (without quickSetter) differ from mine? I also use a "proxy", which in my case is the Vue data object, and on every change I gsap.set the `drawSVG`-prop accordingly. My concerns with this solution lie in: – how often is the "watch" triggered in Vue? Will the animation always be smooth? – Technically this proxy solution `gsap.set`s twice as much. Could that have impact on performance?
  4. Crazy– the "proxy part" is kinda what I'm doing, right? Just not tied so tightly to gsap Never seen quickSetter before; the return of `self` and especially the early return of `self` inside `start` and `end` functions is a mistery to me. And what is `arguments.length` – I don't see it declared anywhere. If you find the time I'd appreciate a more in depth rundown of whats going on there. Feels like I'm close to getting a new item– you know, like in Rogue-likes, where you finally get the High jump boots and can't wait to backtrack to all the places
  5. It's hard to imagine that it would be that much more code to accept an object to set start and endpoint 😎 Uh, the helper funciton looks really helpful! But ultimately blending results in a single ease. I'm quite sure for this effect to work, the start- and endpoint need to be tweened separately.
  6. Your solution is waaay smaller in code, I like that! But unfortunately the animation feels very different. Although my easings aren't perfect yet (the ease visualisers custom ease builder has it's limits, and my designer will give me a proper path tomorrow :D), it already feels much smoother and "organic" – I don't think you can achieve that without separate easings. You could also make random easings and timings for start and end point each rotation; you can go all sorts of crazy!
  7. drawSVG: "0% 50%" is nice! But what if I want to separate easings for start and endpoint? See the codepen as an example for why this might be useful (with a workaround using vue). Maybe something like this could be implemented in the plugin: gsap.timeline({ repeat: -1 }) .set(elem, { drawSVG: "0% 0%" }) .to(elem, { ease: 'power1.out', drawSVG: { start: "100%", }, }, 0) .to(elem, { ease: 'power1.in', drawSVG: { end: "100%", }, }, 0)
  8. I fricking luv it– except: there seems to be a copy&paste issue – 2 passages called `FAQ` with the first one talking about the GSDevtools. https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/ScrollToPlugin I hope you keep the typo/formatting styles of the "real FAQs" – find them more readable. As a designer, the typo spacings hurt my heart! The big headline `Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)` has more spacing to the bottom than to the top; if the fix doesn't involve too much, I'd suggest flipping the values. Since I'm always complaining, I'd like to get constructive h
  9. Thanks Blake! I'm gonna use this pattern What about changing the docs? Any thoughts on that?
  10. Thanks for the in depth reply; Only thing bothering me now is: Can we reflect that suggestion (necessaty by now) more in the v3 docs? At the top of the ScrollToPlugin Docs page is a red box with "how to install", leading to the installation page, where plugin registration is only mentioned in one comment of a code example that doesn't deal with plugins primarily. So this change gets overlooked rather easily I'd say. My suggestion is: at the end of every plugin docs page, add the following paragraph (or something similar) And maybe also add a designated
  11. You are right, with registerPlugin it works: https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap-v3-scrollto-working-with-registerplugin-ynirn Why does it work in GSAP v2 without registering? And why does logging `ScrollToPlugin` work then? (I'm not that familiar with tree shaking) The linter-rule "no-unused-vars" applies here aswell, so it makes sense that tree shaking drops it down the line. But why didn't GSAP v2 drop it? There is a docs article for registerPlugin, but I couldn't find any mentioning on the scrollToPlugin docs page. Wouldn't it make sense to add a lin
  12. I get the following error when trying to scrollTo with GSAP v3.0.2: gsap-core.js?5806:3410 Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'scrollTo' on 'Window': parameter 1 ('options') is not an object. at PropTween._setterFunc [as set] (gsap-core.js?5806:3410) at PropTween._renderComplexString [as r] (gsap-core.js?5806:3447) at Tween.render (gsap-core.js?5806:3188) at _lazyRender (gsap-core.js?5806:187) at _lazySafeRender (gsap-core.js?5806:200) at updateRoot (gsap-core.js?5806:2563) at eval (gsap-core.js?5806:1212) at Array.forEach (<ano
  13. Nice, I found a bug! Whoop Whoop! Out of curiosity. Could you share with us what went wrong there and what you did under the hood to fix it? (Not that I will understand more then 20% of it, if I'm lucky..)