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  1. Hey , Sorry?, I Was trying to resolve issue by calling png in image tag. I have removed img tag from the html now Issue is still persisting when i run locally Not on codePen
  2. Hey Zach, we have uploaded this issue "alike file" on the ad server . And Their Ad operations team also pinpointed same issue with "badge.png is making about 300 calls when the ad loads (The limit is 100 calls)." Have tried using above CDN too issue still persist. I am following below steps to reproduce 1. open http-server at folder. 2. open chrome dev-tools / network section with image tab selected. 3. uncheck disable cache checkbox 4. refresh ta da.....???
  3. Image is getting called multiple times in network section of dev tools. when i am using BezierPlugin GSAP 2.1.2 and assigning image as css background issue.zip