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  1. http://eyecon.ro/designer/designer.fla it has just the fields for embedded fonts and some things in the library http://eyecon.ro/designer/designer.as method 'addTextEl' (line 551) inserts the TextField objects and attaches it to TranformManager object Thanks a lot for taking your time with this and if this issue is not related to TransformManager then let it be.
  2. Sorry, I did not mention that. I embedded the fonts in the library. I have 2 fields for each font in part, embed and all. The file size is around 1 Mb so the fonts are there, compiled.
  3. Here is the code for the default format I use defaultFormat = new TextFormat(); defaultFormat.font = fonts['Arial'].fontName; defaultFormat.size = 20; defaultFormat.color = 0x009900;
  4. Hey, So I have a small application where the user can add TextField and I use TransformManager to allow them to move/rotate/resize. Everything works OK, except on IE 7 Flash Player version . Every time the TextField is transformed the text inside disappears. Every TextField has font embeded. Here is the code I use to generate the TextFields: var newField = new TextField(); newField.embedFonts = true; newField.wordWrap = true; newField.type = "input"; newField.border = false; newField.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.NONE; newField.background = false; newField.setTextFormat(defaultFormat); newField.defaultTextFormat = defaultFormat; newField.multiline = true; newField.text = config.default_text; Can someone help me? Thanks