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  1. I am working with a clinet who want to make print layout. So I am trying to simulate the feel of screenprint (like warhols classic pictures) so I need a way to turn photos in to monochrome images, transparent in the parts that are not drawn. Its about simulating the effect of a one color print. I am using the excellent colorMatrixfilter and almost succeed. But is there a prop to set to simply make one of the colors transparent. That would be a very useful effect - Hope you can follow me. cheers / Lasse CleverAndClown
  2. thank you Of course... when I see it seems obvious that I should've passed an object to it. great! If my experiment comes up with somthing handy I'll sure let you know. All for now! cheers from Sweden
  3. ok - we are all so ungreatful. Yu are giving us this magic tao and all we say is "can we make the elephant fly as well?" I'll go on and try my experiment. I wanna work in a cartoon style so I think bezier will give the look I want. Real Physics can be so booring to look at sometimes (And by the way Inever would have discover the scrollbar on the explorer if you haven't mentioned it ) *** but I dont get the syntax for setDestination: setDestination for "x" - fine that works but how do I setDestination for "distance" using the dropShadow, I get no reaction. My idea is to alter the distance on every _onUpdate. TM = TweenMax.to(tBall, 5, {onUpdate:_onUpdate, ease:Sine.easeInOut, bezier:[{x:200, y:100}, {x:200, y:200},{x:300, y:200}, {x:300, y:300}], scaleX:1.1, scaleY:1.1, orientToBezier:true, dropShadowFilter:{color:0x000000, alpha:0.5, blurX:0, blurY:0, strength:2, distance:30}}); private function _onUpdate() { TM.setDestination("x", tBall.x +=10) TM.setDestination("distance", 500) } / L
  4. hello . I am fiddling around with the great TweenMax. I 've been using it a lot for simple animation, ads etc. Now I have this idea to triy and set up a ball game (like tennis) using the bezier. . prob 1. How do I write a bezier curve with sharp corner, so the ball bounces like a tennisball would. Now I am trying to set up tween after tween and calculate the progress, but something says that i might be done easier, more effective if I give it a list. - prob 2. I want to use the dropshadow while using the bezier (to give the shadoweffect to make the ball seem to go up). Having this idea that if I could listen for the progress of the tween and animate the shadow distance/angle according to progress. But again, I have this feeling that this supersmart toy you have made might hide a easier way, like "animate from A to B to A". And how do I set up a function that listens for the progress - I just don't get the docs? Do you get it. Perhpas It is totally ff the path to use TweenMax for animation gamegraphic but I find the performance of the code very efficient (and better than my own physic's code - by the way GREAT work -