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  1. hi, the reason is the following. I am developing an application allowing users to design things that will be manufactured. on manufacturing side i have limitations in size like on plotters. that means you have a width limit but no length (height) limit. If we take the example a width limit of N (the max size width the plotter can handle), and if we have a rectangle the user can resize X or Y, the resizing process must be stopted as soon as either the height or width of the rectangle reaches the limit N, but this only for the concerned side. in other words, if the height has reached the limit of N, maxScaleY would be set to N, and maxScaleX with no limit. As it is complicated for me to explain this and as i am quite clear on how to realize it within my code, i do not whant to bother you more. The main aim i had was to avoid doing same inspections on rezising you allready do within you code. As it is not really a huge CPU usage for that, it is not very important Thank you anyway for your answers an patience with my bad english Movix
  2. hi, sorry, i did not want to say that it is a bug i'll want to have the upper left X and Y values during resize in order to display these values. so if i can figure out witch point is the stationary one i gues i can compute it buy my self. you are specifying an interesting question distinguishing selection and selection bounds. I also display the size of a selection. if only one item is selected, i have a context frame displaying a lot of information about the selected item, also the size. I gather this data out of the selectedTargetObjects. In addition to that i have a global size and position display that takes it's data from SelectionX, Y and getUnrotatedSelectionWidth(), Height(). I notices that there is a very small diference of the size data when i compare the SelectedTargetObjects size and the getUnrotatedSelection Size. Perhaps you have a hint for me how to avoid this difference, or what is is due to in order to correct my displayed values to be identical. Movix
  3. hi, During scaling process i listen to TransformEvent.SCALE when this event is fired, the properties selectionX and selectionY are not updated, they stay identical and are only refresh after scaling is finished. I the way i gather these datas wrong ? How do i have to proceed in order to get the accurate position of the current selection during scaling process ? Movix
  4. hi, yes i know these properties,but as you said it's not the same. What i want to do is to restict the size of an object for only one side, width or height. It is not easy for me to explain that in english... If i use the properties you are talking about, i'll have to modify them dynamicaly upon sizing process. During the sizing process i'll have to check and lock either maxScaleX or maxScaleY, the first of both that reaches the limit. After that i'll have to continue checking if the sizing is going lesser than the limit in order to release the lock again. and so on. I'am quite clear on how to manage this within my code, but as transformManager is allready doing this kind of checking, i'll asked myself if it would be complicated to add this into the transformManager in order go gain in CPU efficiency. Movix
  5. Hello, First thank you for this great software that works like a charm. I wonder if it is complicated to define sizing limit in the following way. I'd like to only specify one size, for example 150 pixels as a limit. During the resize process this limit is check for both, width and height, and as soon as either the width or the height has reached the defined limit, the sizing process is stoped. As i understood, this is at the moment not possible with the transform manager as it is now. Would it be complicated to ad such a functionality to your software, or do i have to look for my one way to realize this ? I prefer to not modify your code because of the update compatibility. Sorry for my bad english since i 'am french i'll try to explain things with my words. Hope my question is clear Movix
  6. Yes indeed, trying to use key even in terminal server client is working when calling the SWF directly. once more i learned something about flash, thx for the hint Movix
  7. hi, finaly i found the reason the delete and backspace keys are not working. I tested my application within a Microsoft Terminal Server Console (or remote Destop) Testing the application localy worked fine. i did not tested anymore the reason, perhaps the keycodes are not the same Movix
  8. hi, i guess you should use the addIgnoredObject() method to add clickable objects that should not change the selection of TranformManager. you'll find it's description in the documentation http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/transf ... redObject()
  9. Hello, I recently purchased the TransForm Manager for AS3. It was very easy to get it work as i'am quite new to flash programming, very good peace of software In your examples the delete and backspace keys are working fine and deleting the selected items. In my code i set allowDelete to true. Arrow keys are working fine and the selected clips are moving, so i concluded that the keybord events are correctly propagated to the transformManager object. But the delete or backspace keys are not working. Before starting coding the deletion by my self i thought it would be could to ask here if i missed something. Movix