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  1. Hello,

    i'm trying to replicate a wiggle effect in adobe animate using gsap

    i'm using custom template for gsap library,

    i have a lot of movieclips (45) and i have to animate them in x and y position randomly so i think gsap is the way to do that...

    Someone coul'd help me to achieve this result :-)

    tnx in advance


  2. hi guys :-),

    i have to develop an application like that i'have attached.

    someone could put me on the right way.

    my questions are:

    -how can i bind a label to a specific timeline?

    - I was a flash user and when i think at nested timelines i think as movieclips have nested timelines. It's right?

    tnx a lot!!!!post-49921-0-73217800-1486232690_thumb.png

  3. Hello PointC. Thank you so much for the time you've lost with me! I'm studying a lot and I hope one day to be able to help someone too. This to me is a course of study. I hope your answers are helpful to someone else besides me. So I'll try to do another.
    How can I know which button was pressed and assign to it a function that modify css (from display: none to visible) and then creates a timeline by starting a simple animation?

  4. Hi POintC! tnx for reply :-)

    i've forked your pen

    See the Pen OWzOBL by paper3d (@paper3d) on CodePen

    i add a css pseudo class for simulate over state button but seem there are conflicts because it work only if i don't clik a button..


    then i'm trying to assign to buttons the values of an array but nothing to do for me :-(!

    tnx a lot for your big help!

  5. Hello everyone! i'd like to know if is possible to do this...

    I have seven images on the page that I want to use as buttons:

    <Img class = "menuSx" id = "btnSx1" src = "img / svg / btnTradeRepository.png" onMouseOver = "this.src = 'img / svg / btnTradeRepositoryOver.png'" onmouseout = "this.src = 'img / svg / btnTradeRepository.png '"onclick =" changes (this); "/>

    in short, I've set the html tag attributes for use images as buttons. My problem is that all state buttons must have transitions and when I click on one of these seven pseudo buttons it must remain active after click and "deactivate" the others with transition.

    Is it possible with Gsap?
    additional information: this images was simple svg rectangles with text that i have converted as png...
    I hope someone can help me!

    Thanks in advance

  6. hi all!!

    my first newbye post :-) so...

    I'm trying to understand how to call gsap functions through id selector by clicking a button

    someone could put me on the right way?

    tnx all



  7. Tnx all for reply!!! I'm start studing and testing now but i achieved no more than a simple tween! :-) there are a lot of things to know first i post here some experiments. You are a pro for me and i've found very ispiring posts.

    For now a big tnx at all!!! I hope in future to help someone...

  8. Hello guys!
    I'm new in the forum and i don't know where i have to start because the notions that I have to learn there are so many! I have basic programming knowledge, (I was a flash user). I am a 3d artist with a passion for web animation and web design in general. I know  html and css and javascript bases. I would love one day to be able to integrate browser-based technologies with 3d. I would need a little help, as when learning to ride a bike :-), to start in the right direction.

    I'd like to build web sites so as I did with flash.

    Tnx all