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  1. Hi Teun87! look at this https://www.mapplic.com/ i've integrated it in a application... works fine logically u can develop it your own in Adobe animate CC and GSAP...
  2. Hello, i'm trying to replicate a wiggle effect in adobe animate using gsap i'm using custom template for gsap library, i have a lot of movieclips (45) and i have to animate them in x and y position randomly so i think gsap is the way to do that... Someone coul'd help me to achieve this result tnx in advance Giuseppe
  3. paper

    nested timelines

    hi guys , i have to develop an application like that i'have attached. someone could put me on the right way. my questions are: -how can i bind a label to a specific timeline? - I was a flash user and when i think at nested timelines i think as movieclips have nested timelines. It's right? tnx a lot!!!!
  4. mmmm... ok but based on your last pen http://codepen.io/PointC/pen/XpVYym/ divs are created dinamically and i can't figure out how to assign to each div an id or an univoque data attribute! tnx
  5. Hello PointC. Thank you so much for the time you've lost with me! I'm studying a lot and I hope one day to be able to help someone too. This to me is a course of study. I hope your answers are helpful to someone else besides me. So I'll try to do another. How can I know which button was pressed and assign to it a function that modify css (from display: none to visible) and then creates a timeline by starting a simple animation? tnx!!!
  6. Hi POintC! tnx for reply i've forked your pen http://codepen.io/paper3d/pen/OWzOBL i add a css pseudo class for simulate over state button but seem there are conflicts because it work only if i don't clik a button.. then i'm trying to assign to buttons the values of an array but nothing to do for me ! tnx a lot for your big help!
  7. PointC tnx for your patience! but cause my bad english i can't explain better! here another pen more specific... tnx tnx tnx!!! http://codepen.io/paper3d/pen/YNEdMG
  8. https://codepen.io/paper3d/pen/VPrQXr
  9. another pen https://codepen.io/paper3d/pen/ZLaJWR images in left menu alternate out state and over state.
  10. Hello everyone! i'd like to know if is possible to do this... I have seven images on the page that I want to use as buttons: <Img class = "menuSx" id = "btnSx1" src = "img / svg / btnTradeRepository.png" onMouseOver = "this.src = 'img / svg / btnTradeRepositoryOver.png'" onmouseout = "this.src = 'img / svg / btnTradeRepository.png '"onclick =" changes (this); "/> in short, I've set the html tag attributes for use images as buttons. My problem is that all state buttons must have transitions and when I click on one of these seven pseudo buttons it must remain active after click and "deactivate" the others with transition. Is it possible with Gsap? additional information: this images was simple svg rectangles with text that i have converted as png... I hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance
  11. paper

    onclick event

    hi all!! my first newbye post so... I'm trying to understand how to call gsap functions through id selector by clicking a button someone could put me on the right way? tnx all
  12. Tnx all for reply!!! I'm start studing and testing now but i achieved no more than a simple tween! there are a lot of things to know first i post here some experiments. You are a pro for me and i've found very ispiring posts. For now a big tnx at all!!! I hope in future to help someone...
  13. Hello guys! I'm new in the forum and i don't know where i have to start because the notions that I have to learn there are so many! I have basic programming knowledge, (I was a flash user). I am a 3d artist with a passion for web animation and web design in general. I know html and css and javascript bases. I would love one day to be able to integrate browser-based technologies with 3d. I would need a little help, as when learning to ride a bike , to start in the right direction. I'd like to build web sites so as I did with flash. Tnx all Paper