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  1. Thanks, Craig! I think I'm looking for the best solution that takes into consideration that there will be other elements (divs) that will animate in/out on top of each colored background (section), when you click a nav button. In light of this, which one of the above approaches would you think is most conducive?
  2. Hi All, I'm relearning coding after about a 6 year absence (in which I forgot everything I knew). My question is pretty straightforward and I was really hoping I could get some assistance... 1. I have a background div that takes up most of the viewing area. 2. I have a vertical row of nav buttons on the left side of the screen. 3. I want to change (animate) the color of the large background div when you click one of the nav buttons. So far I've been able to create everything except the logic that says which button sends what color to the div. I don't understand how to send a parameter to a button click that will trigger a different background color (tweening into place). I would hugely appreciate any assistance. Thanks in advance.