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  1. nevermind, i am a fool and didn't have it paused at creation. sorry for the wasted post. gates = new TimelineMax({paused: true});
  2. I'm probably missing something big, but I thought I could take my tweens and just put them in a timelinemax. regular: weenMax.to(".primary-tl", .3, {top:"-=14px", left:"-=14px", ease: Quad.easeIn}); TweenMax.to(".primary-br", .3, {bottom:"-=14px", right:"-=14px", ease:Quad.easeIn}); TweenMax.to(".primary-tl", 1.8, {top:"-=200px", left:"-=1200px", rotation:"-50deg", ease: Quad.easeOut, delay:.3}); TweenMax.to(".primary-br", 1.8, {bottom:"-=200px", right:"-=1200px", rotation:"-50deg", ease:Quad.easeOut, delay:.3, onComplete:closeGates}); gates.add(TweenMax.to(".primary-tl", .3, {top:"-=14px", left:"-=14px", ease: Quad.easeIn})); gates.add(TweenMax.to(".primary-br", .3, {bottom:"-=14px", right:"-=14px", ease:Quad.easeIn}, -.3)); gates.add(TweenMax.to(".primary-tl", 1.8, {top:"-=200px", left:"-=1200px", rotation:"-50deg", ease: Quad.easeOut})); gates.add(TweenMax.to(".primary-br", 1.8, {bottom:"-=200px", right:"-=1200px", rotation:"-50deg", ease:Quad.easeOut})); gates.play(); Now i haven't done the timing yet, it's not about lining that up. The problem is they run fine and smooth regular, but as soon as i put them in a timeline they dont' animate at all.. they just jump to the final positions. help?
  3. but, it's not visible outside of main. am i missing something? I need it to stay visible and not affect window size.
  4. All I want to do is move an element outside of it's container without it creating, or altering the scroll bars.. I'm familiar with making sure the divs I'm animating are positioned absolutely.. as well as the parent. I've made a jsFiddle that shows that this works with regular moving.. I have a feeling it has to do with the webkit transform. http://jsfiddle.net/4Ldca/5/ but in practice I CANNOT get this to work and i've been struggling with it for a day straight. Any help would be greatly appreciated. current non-working example for anyone to play with: http://borg.nitestage.com/v3/ I have to have them rotate, I guess I'm asking if I'm doing something wrong? TweenMax.to(".gate-top", 1, {css:{left:"-300px", top:"-275px", rotation:"-28deg"},delay:2.2, ease:Quad.easeOut}); TweenMax.to(".gate-bottom", 1, {css:{left:"510px", top:"575px", rotation:"-28deg"},delay:2.2, ease:Quad.easeOut}); BTW, it's great to be back and using JS this time! Thanks Jack!
  5. yeah, sorry I bothered to post, it turned out to be an issue with a javascript browser resize thing I was using. Nothing to see here. Thanks for the cool loading classes man. I'm currently trying to work it into a puremvc proxy that stores a master loadermax, then I just append to it from anywhere in the movie whenever I want.
  6. I'm sure it's something on my end, I'm working on it now and I'll let you know.
  7. var _im:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("images/inkLogo.png", {name:"logo", x:116, y:80, centerRegistration:true, onComplete:loadComplete} ); _im.load(); private function loadComplete( e:LoaderEvent ) : void { ink.addChild(e.target.content); TweenMax.to( e.target.content, 1, { alpha:1, ease:Quad.easeInOut }); } the image shows up to the right, and at about 60% scale first, then abruptly jumps to the proper position and size. I'm clueless as the others don't do this.
  8. I've been wondering this for a little bit, and it might not even fall into the scope of tweenlite, but I know there is a better way to achieve it, that I don't know. All I want to do is remove a display object after a tween, without having to have multiple functions. private function removeBG():void{ TweenLite.to(_bg, 1, {alpha:0, ease:Quad.easeInOut, onComplete:remove}); } private function remove():void { removeChild(_bg); _bg = null; } It would be kind of nice to do something like {alpha:1, endKill:true} or anything just to keep it on one line.. thanks for any tips.
  9. So.. like the title says.. this isn't really a big deal.. just a curiosity. It doesn't really effect gameplay. But here's the setup. I have a character that is moving by arrow key presses.. using an enter frame.. nothing to do with greensock classes there. That character is using some gravity, friction, velocity, whatever.. to move every frame.. Then in a separate class (obstacles) on top of the character, I have a couple random objects that are using tweenlite to move randomly between two points in an array of points. easy peasy right. Well the thing is, that right when the obstacle ends its tween, my character increases speed slightly, I'm assuming because I'm dropping some frames. I've tried removing the bezier curve the obstacles use.. I've removed all eases.. I've even tried useFrames.. but not matter what I do the character still speeds up very slightly as each tween ends. Any ideas would be great, but no biggie. Thanks. this is the obstacles code. var p:Point = _spots[NumberUtils.randomRange(0, 7)]; var cp:Point = _centers[NumberUtils.randomRange(0, 5)]; var _o:DisplayObject = DisplayObject(_obstacles[NumberUtils.randomRange(0,2)]); TweenLite.to(_o, _freq-1, {x:p.x, y:p.y, bezierThrough:[{x:cp.x, y:cp.y}]});
  10. Hi, I'm trying to tween this coordy alignment class, and he uses regular tweens and I'm wondering if it's possible to tween it's properties using tweenmax.. _tweens.push(new Tween(_wave3d, 'x', Cubic.easeInOut, _wave3d.x, x, 3, true)); _tweens.push(new Tween(_wave3d, 'width', Cubic.easeInOut, _wave3d.width, width, 3, true)); _tweens.push(new Tween(_wave3d, 'height', Cubic.easeInOut, _wave3d.height, height, 3, true)); _tweens.push(new Tween(_wave3d, 'depth', Cubic.easeInOut, _wave3d.depth, depth, 3, true)); _tweens.push(new Tween(_wave3d, 'frequency', Cubic.easeInOut, _wave3d.frequency, frequency, 3, true)); _tweens.push(new Tween(_wave3d, 'rotation', Cubic.easeInOut, _wave3d.rotation, rotation, 3, true)); like i don't think this would work... TweenMax.to(_wave3d, 1, {depth:whatever, frequency:whatever... ? thanks a lot for any help.
  11. it's cool, i figured it out, well sort of.. i just put an if statement checking if the tween was active, and if it was restarting it.. not sure if it's right or what not but it works.
  12. kinda, thanks for the quick reply.. I wasn't clear about the question, sorry. i guess my main problem is that i'm starting something at y:-20, and in the timelinelite, tween it to y:30, but there are multiple buttons that fire the timeline, and when you rol off of those buttons it reverses it. but if i roll off one button and onto another fast enough, of course it never finishes the reversed tween, which is fine as it should be in the over position, but when I roll off that button it doesn't reverse anymore.