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  1. is this possible? I built an animation using the v10 of tweenlite and tweenmax, and I get syntax errors when exporting to player 6. I know thats like 239137 years old, but some clients are useless like that. Will it work at all? I'm guessing not...
  2. ah I see. I'm only just learning AS and mostly only AS3, so this AS2 business is a bit frustrating. the trace returns [object Object] so it seems like it's got the right object. it's just not listening to it. thanks for the help.
  3. ok so I'm trying to create a button that will restart my movie, but I'm stuck using as2 as it is for a banner. Is there an AS2 version of this? function overHandler(event:MouseEvent):void { myTimeline.play(); } I'm using this replay.onPress = function() { myTimeline.restart(); trace("BOOOOOM"); } and I'm getting a trace, but not a restart. Am I doing something wrong? thanks. I love the tweening platform. I'm a total newb, but tweenlite actually makes it fun to make flash stuff.
  4. oh man. nice upgrade, but is the old code anywhere??? I'm working on a project that is due in the next 2 days, and that is not enough time to wrap my head around the new ways of doing things... I'm looking for the as2 gs folder of the last release. I look forward to learning the new features, but right I'm just up against a wall.