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  1. ptd

    Animation Strategies

    @PointC I say I'm "not an animator" in the sense that is not what my degree is in nor is what I focus on as a hobby. I'm a software engineer with a focus on multimedia. Animation is just one small part of what my job calls for. So, I wanted to be certain that I was using GSAP in the best way possible. Again, I'm always amazed at what you and others have done and I wanted to make sure our overall strategy to use GSAP was in line with what experts like yourself are doing. I hope others will continue to share, either confirming what others have said or describing new workflows. Thanks again f
  2. ptd

    Animation Strategies

    Jack, thank you so much for responding. I'm honored. Understand that I'm a *huge* fan of GSAP and have been for many years. So, I'm pretty familiar with the API (and things like nesting timelines as you mentioned). I just see so many animations where the sequencing is just so nicely done and feel like they would take a long time to "get right". I've just always wondered if there was a better way than what I've been doing. In my world, a designer comes up with the idea of how something should animate, but they don't have programming skills, so it's up to me to convert their ideas into code.
  3. ptd

    Animation Strategies

    I know this is a pretty broad topic, but I'm trying to understand what options there are to sequence animations using GSAP. I'm a coder, not an animator. And the animators that I know aren't coders. Historically, our process has been animators create something in Adobe AfterEffects as a "sample" which I then try to reproduce using JavaScript (that uses GSAP). Is there a better way? Does everyone just sequence animations by piecing them together using animation-specific custom JavaScript? Or are there animator tools or plugins for tools that output something that ultimately uses GSAP?