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  1. Went your suggested route with the bitmapdata and it'll certainly do the trick. Thanks much. Really appreciate the quick reply.
  2. thanks for the very fast response. However I tried copy/replace with rotation/rotationZ and it didn't work. It appears you are rotating the objects using rotate() and radians rather than setting the .rotation property. I'm not sure I want to tackle redoing the radians and rotate() method.
  3. I'm using the user's system fonts, so I can't embed fonts. The user creates a line of text in my app, chooses the font they want (from a list of their system fonts) and the text gets placed on the interface. Then I need them to be able to rotate that text. With CS4 we can use rotationZ to do this rather than just rotation. How do I modify transformmanager to allow rotationZ? Many thanks in advance.