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  1. Thanks a lot, but that still accelerates, I don't want an y acceleration, only deceleration towards the end. here's more what I mean:
  2. this very cool, good to know for future, but not quite right - the green line needs to be straight, up until the last say 10% of the duration :
  3. It's for a banner, so I didn't want to have to include it
  4. Is there simple way to create a linear.none ease but with a slight deceleration in the last 10%? Something like this: Without CustomEase plugin ideally
  5. var split = new SplitText("#Headline_Copy", {type: "chars,words" , position:"absolute"}); I had a look through the docs and tried setting position:"absolute" , which amazingly fixes it in IE11, but ruins it in everything else:
  6. Thanks for replying. I'm sure it is an IE problem (Please when will they delete that thing), but the gap underneath appears to be the same size as a line of text , at least when I set the split to 'words'. Which makes me think there's might be a trick in gsap I've overlooked? Any ideas at all appreciated
  7. Finally got round to using SplitText, but I am having a weird bug in IE11. This is how the text looks like without initialising SplitText: This is what happens after I add SplitText, as you can see there is a gap underneath: It works fine in all other browsers, any clues? CodePen attached
  8. I'd love to use SplitText, but the ad server I'm developing for only like Google hosted JS, hence TextPlugin
  9. Sure I will go down that route, I was just checking there wasn't a built-in method. GSAP usually tweens arrays automatically, but I realise this is more complex Do you know how I can time the tweens of each word to match as if the sentence was being Tweened? Eg: the word IS would animate quicker than SOMETHING By the way: I am not using SplitText for this
  10. Here's a new method which depends on the whole string being grouped into spans, i'm nearly there: https://codepen.io/friendlygiraffe/pen/qBaroKJ The questions I have are: How can I make the timeline loop through the spans array and animate all the words at adjusted speeds? There is also a delay at the beginning. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, that's great. But it's a dynamic thing. So the text has to be in one div I probably should have specified this originally! Updated the codepen: https://codepen.io/friendlygiraffe/pen/YzGZree
  12. I know the TextPlugin is not supposed to support nested HTML tags, but I'm trying to tween the colours of a paragraph, which doesn't animate the styled word's letters individually. Wondered if there was a way around this? Unfortunately, I am not allowed to use SplitText for this project, otherwise I would have. Thanks
  13. I was just thinking how much I miss Flash! Thanks for this, really handy
  14. I found this which animated SVG polygon points, could something similar be done but without the draggable functionality ? https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/QdbQjN
  15. This is certainly something I can have a play with, thanks.