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  1. Alas, that overlaps too 🤔
  2. Yes, unfortunately it pushes the letter apart
  3. Thanks again, but the outer stroke needs to be bigger and retain tight kerning
  4. Really appreciate you having a go! But the letters overlap which was my original headache. Thanks though
  5. I went down the -text-stroke route, even though it is experimental, but doesn't seem to like strokes on the outside of text. However, I found a trick using pseudo-elements: https://codepen.io/friendlygiraffe/pen/MWVQGoN My question now is, can SplitText handle this method? Looks like it isn't a good approach
  6. Perhaps I should've posted this in Banner forum, but isn't IE11 still available to Google DCM / Doubleclick studio?
  7. I just tried text-stroke, prefixed, in IE11. No luck for me
  8. I found a pretty good way of doing it by duplicating the text into 2 layers: https://codepen.io/friendlygiraffe/pen/ExEQvmK Separate question really, but I would like to run split1 and split2 on one line of code. I tried [split1.chars, split2.chars] but it ran them one after the other....
  9. oh really? I was just going by this https://caniuse.com/text-stroke
  10. I'm looking for a reliable way to stroke text, without using text-stroke, because it's not cross-browser: https://codepen.io/friendlygiraffe/pen/mdxXwXO I found this thread from nearly 10 years ago, but it seems nothing much has moved on since then Is there anything else I can try? I'm tried to use Daniel Riemer's text-shadow hack: text-shadow hack which is great, but not for overlapping letters Thanks
  11. Thanks a lot, but that still accelerates, I don't want an y acceleration, only deceleration towards the end. here's more what I mean:
  12. this very cool, good to know for future, but not quite right - the green line needs to be straight, up until the last say 10% of the duration :
  13. It's for a banner, so I didn't want to have to include it
  14. Is there simple way to create a linear.none ease but with a slight deceleration in the last 10%? Something like this: Without CustomEase plugin ideally
  15. var split = new SplitText("#Headline_Copy", {type: "chars,words" , position:"absolute"}); I had a look through the docs and tried setting position:"absolute" , which amazingly fixes it in IE11, but ruins it in everything else: