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  1. Sorry for my english as i am Canadian french let say i use a class to keep different animation props : var slideWithBlur:WinAnimType=new WinAnimType([{ease:Strong.easeOut,startAt:{x:1000,y:'T'}},{x:-2000,ease:Regular.easeIn}],[.75],[{blurFilter:{blurX:100}}]); so i could do : manager.openWin('win1',slideWithBlur,WinType.BASIC); basically, i have 3 params 1:An array containing two object (in, out) 2:An array containing one or two number (speed) if only one number exists, it is used for in and out animation 3:An array containing one or two object (FX) if only one number exists, it is used for in and out animation Two tweens are used at the same time with overwrite 0 (one for the basic props and the second for the Fx, mainly blur) In this example, the object comes from the right (x:-1000) and aligned to top (y: 'T') (i parse the letter in my code and inject it in the tween props) in addition, the object is blurred from 100, to 0 (i use Tween.from for the blurIn), then from 0 to 100 (i use Tween.to for the blurOut) The problem is that on blurOut , my objetc will do 0 to 100 for the blur instead of 100 to 0 like it should (that is when i reuse the BlurFilter props for the in and out) But if i do [{blurFilter:{blurX:100}},{blurFilter:{blurX:100}}] as third param instead of [{blurFilter:{blurX:100}}] it work as expected Shouldnt the same work for the in (from) and out (to) Here is the get function returning from inside the class WinAnimType: public function get animFxIn():Object { return $fxAnimProps[0]; } //the array contain only one objet, used it for in and out public function get animFxOut():Object { return ($fxAnimProps[1]==null) ? $fxAnimProps[0]:$fxAnimProps[1]; } I hope it is clearer now,and many thanks again !!!
  2. Hi all, first of all thanks for this great Tweening engine !! I have a small problem and i am not sure if this is due to my code or a param i could use with TweenMax i have an instance of a class in wich i set an object : {blurFilter:{blurX:50,blurY:50},ease:Regular.easeIn} Obviously i want to be able to reuse the instace with any clip in a Tween.to or Tween.from Here are the steps : 1. click - open window with blur 50 to 0 , with Tween.from, with remove eve though i shouldnt need it since it's 0 at the end 2.click - close window with blur 0 to 50, with Tween.to with remove since it's 50 at the end The problem is that on step 2, it does blur 50 to 0 and not blur 0 to 50 but i use the same instance of the class for both !? But when i define two objects :myClass({blurFilter:{blurX:50,blurY:50},ease:Regular.easeIn},{blurFilter:{blurX:50,blurY:50},ease:Regular.easeIn}) it works is it the Tween.from and Tween.to causing the problem ? Thanks for any help