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  1. I'm trying to tween border-bottom-color in css, I assume it's camel casing like this borderBottomColor


    TweenLite.to(this.sprite, 0, {css:{borderBottomColor:'#91f4c2'}});


    but this doesn't seem to work, or maybe I'm using the wrong name? Thanks.

  2. I switched to gs and and the first scroll works perfectly, but then the scroll after that stopped working.


    I have four divs with images in them and they're wrapped in another div


    <div id="project1">
       <div id="img1"><img id="test1" class="img-container"></div>
       <div id="img2"><img id="test2" class="img-container"></div>
       <div id="img3"><img id="test3" class="img-container"></div>
       <div id="img4"><img id="test4" class="img-container"></div>


    So basically I want to scroll to each image one by one when user clicks on the next button. and this works fine


    TweenLite.to($('#project1'), .5, {scrollTo:{x:$('#img1').position().left}, ease:Expo.easeOut});


    however after this, when I tried to do the same thing and scrollto #img2, instead of seeing #img2, #img1 scroll in again


    TweenLite.to($('#project1'), .5, {scrollTo:{x:$('#img' + imgContainer.current_image).position().left}, ease:Expo.easeOut})


    and then somehow the image would all disappear... I tried to change to scroll to a number instead but it still doesn't work. I saw carl's demo http://snorkl.tv/dev/js_demo1/scrollToDemo.html


    so I'm thinking does this have something to do with the fact im using a div instead of window? thanks!

  3. Hi!


    I'm wondering is it possible to use greensock easing on this plugin



    I know gs has scrollto as well, but this plugin can scroll to a specific div. But I'm using gs easing already, so I really don't want to add another easing library, is there a way to call gs easing function?




    here's how to use that plugin

    $container.scrollTo('#img1', 500, { easing:'swing' });

  4. Hi,


    I tried to use onUpdate and onComplete in the same tween and I realized that onComplete function is not being called

    in this case, maybe it has been overwritten? If I try to do the same thing with Tweener it works, just not with TweenMax...


    TweenMax.to($block, .2, { onUpdate:changeColor, onUpdateParams:[$block], onComplete:changeComplete, onCompleteParams:[$block]} );


    Tweener.addTween($block, {time:.2, onUpdate:changeColor, onUpdateParams:[$block], onComplete:changeComplete, onCompleteParams:[$block]});


    Anyone ran into this problem before?




  5. Hi,


    I have this animated movieclip in Flash, I exported it and want to use TimelineMax to control it.

    so this is what I did


    var _timeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax();
    _timeline.append(new TweenMax(_mc, 3.2, {frame:82, startAt:{frame:1}, ease:Linear.easeNone}));


    the weird thing is that it doesn't play from frame 1 for some reason, it always starts around frame 25 (maybe this has something to do

    with the frame rate which is 25). even _timeline.gotoAndPlay(1) cant make it play from frame 1....


    also, I tried to use useFrames:true in TweenMax when I append the MC, and it doesn't work...

    how to use frames for timeline? thanks.



  6. Hi,


    I have this timeline animation in Flash CS4, and I'm using TweenMax to control it like this


    TweenMax.to(_beam, .5, {frame:12, startAt:{frame:1}, repeat:2, ease:Linear.easeNone});


    However it just doesn't look right, so I traced the currentFrame in ENTER_FRAME event and the trace looks like this

    2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 1 2 2 2 3 4 5

    there are 12 frames in my movieclip and the frame rate is 24

    see it didn't even play the 1 frame and the last frame (12), I did add


    and it's still not working right... help! thanks.