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  1. Awesome! It's motivating to hear both of you guys like the code! Thank you both for reviewing the code and for your quick response Cheers, Coen
  2. Hi! I wanted to create a dashed line with an infinite loop, I finally have the result I wanted with just a few lines of code (took a few hours to understand the relationship between the code elements as I have no experience with JS at all). Before I implement it into my website I would like to know if I did it correctly. Thanks for checking out my code! Here is my CodePen: https://codepen.io/coenhallie/pen/EZaRyp Cheers, Coen
  3. Hi Carl, PointC & Dipscom, Thanks for your help The 'xPercent' for the JS code did the job for the animation I still have to figure out what the best way is to implement the animation for the heading section, I will get there though. Working with Wordpress certainly has his upsides, but code wise it's not as clean as I would've liked and harder to debug. Thanks, Coen
  4. Hi, 2 days ago I purchased the 'Shockingly Green' package, and thoroughly enjoying it, and I am very excited with the endless possibilities! I have a question. I've created a graph using SVG and the animation is working, the JS code I used is: (function($) { $("#containergraph").load("anims/graphgood.svg", function() { var tween = TweenMax.staggerTo(".points", 1, { y: '-=435', ease: Back.easeOut, Repeat:-1}, 0.1); }); })( jQuery ); As you can see HERE the graph does appear, but I think I don't use it the right way, The SVG size is 1300x by 600, and therefore it cuts off the top part of my animation when I use the JS code (y: '-=435'). Every line has the correct height already( you can see my SVG HERE), so I would like to see an animation where it starts at at 'y:0' and completes every stagger animation at 100% height for each line if that makes sense. At this moment I have to hide the SVG with Z-index, and I think thats not the right way to achieve the result I want. Before I purchased Greensock I used SMIL and added the animated SVG as a 'background-image' in the CSS which did the trick, however the compatibility was very limited. I added an image with the result I like to achieve. Many thanks! ,Coen P.S, I didn't add a Codepen because it is hard to replicate the Wordpress environment on Codepen.