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  1. This seems to work great! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! You rock! I am going to download and test shortly. I will report back with the results in a bit. (Thanks for the warning - having the delayedCalls affected is also expected behavior)
  3. Hey Jack, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that won't work for my scenario. I need to be able to affect ALL tweens at all times, even those created in the future. Is there currently a way to do this? We were fairly reliant on the globalTimeScale functionality. Can I suggest a reimplementation of this feature? I can go and recreate the functionality, but I would rather not maintain my own version of your library If I do need to recreate this on my own - do you have any pointers as to how to go about the best way to implement this? Thanks, -Chris
  4. I am currently porting over a flash project that utilizes the globalTimeScale property of TweenMax and it appears that globalTimeScale is not available in the JS version. Do you have any suggestions for a workaround? (Unfortunately I cannot use an instance in this scenario, I need to be able to affect ALL tweens). Thanks, -Chris
  5. Thanks for the reply, but thats not quite what I meant. I am looking for a way to just make one "step" or tick/update to the tweens progress, and if possible, pass in an update delta time. I know that I can get a tweens duration, and a currentProgress value between 0 and 1, but how do I get the value of one "tick" to pass to the currentProgress? Actually, I think I may have worked it out while trying to explain, Ill post back once I get something figured out.
  6. Is there any way to manually update/step through a tween? My goal is to be able to pause a tween, and then step through the updates manually (maybe passing in an update/delta time?). Any info on whether this is possible would be great! Thanks, -Chris
  7. Hey Jack, When I set lockScale to true, the scale cursor still appears when I rollover the handles - I noticed on your demo they do not appear when I choose lockScale. Any ideas? Thanks, -Chris