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  1. Thanks for help @mikel


    I didn't think it would be that easy. I guess just in this case always need starting position.


    Thank you again.


    (Also can someone explain me why my pen doesn't show up even I entered in topic and not linking even i linked in content.)


    6 minutes ago, mikel said:

    Hey @ozcancelik,


    Welcome to the GreenSock Forum.


    Define a certain starting position of the ScrollTrigger.
    The default for type: "toggle" ScrollTriggers: "top bottom"; for type: "progress": "top center".





    Does it help?


    Happy twening ...



  2. Hello,


    I use a smooth-scrollbar within a project. I can run it with ScrollTrigger with scrollerProxy(). No problem. But it only works with scrub:true. I just can't use it to trigger it. I also used it with locomotive-scroll. The scrub problem is not there. 

    (In codepen if you change scrub:true it will work)


    Is this a scrollProxy bug? Or where am I doing wrong?


    Thank you.

    See the Pen WNwJqRj by ozcancelik (@ozcancelik) on CodePen