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  1. Hi Zach and thank you for the quick response I get that it's a very performance intensive animation, but how can we explain that it always runs super smooth once we refresh the page? The lag only (and always) occurs in a fresh incognito mode, or with cache cleared... other than that, if you refresh the page after your first view and navigate the rest of the website, it will look super smooth! Regarding the loading, as I mentioned in my 7th point, I've already tried adding a huge delay on the animation, to make sure that all the other assets and images were fully loaded. S
  2. The blur animation on the peach coloured text is super glitchy when you visit the website for the first time only (Chrome browser). https://witnessestohistory.museeholocauste.ca/ You can recreate the issue by visiting in "Incognito mode", or clearing your cache. If you refresh your browser or visit another page, the same animation runs super smoothly. My current animation setting is : this.tl.staggerFromTo(this[splitKey], this.duration, { css: { opacity:0, scale:1.3, filter:"blur(10px)", z:0 } }, { css: { opacity:1, scale:1, filter:"blur(0px)", z:0 }, ease:this.easing}, this.s