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  1. Alright, good to hear that!
  2. This has nothing to do with the above, but still it´s a noob question, so i´ll post it here I work on a project with several classes, in all of which i use TweenLite. Since all of the classes get compiled into one swf, do i have to import TweenLite in every single class, and will this increase filesize? I don´t know if i make myself clear... What i mean is, would it be enough to import TweenLite only once in the document class?
  3. Yes, invalidate works perfectly! I didn´t see that the Tweens init only once, though it seems kind of obvious now Thanks for clarifying things. Keep up your great work! I just donated another 50$, i really appreciate what you are doing.
  4. It looks like it... I downloaded the latest version ov v11, but the problem remains. I recreated the problem here: http://www.deeait.com/testing/GS/test.html . Source files are attached below. When you remove the MouseOver/Out functions, everything works nicely. But as soon as there are two tweens on the same mc they conflict, and the new tweens do not seem to overwrite the old ones.
  5. Firstly, hello everybody! I recently switched to the v11 beta and i´m very happy with the new timeline feature. Thanks Jack! Currently i´m working on a project, where i use the following code: b3Timeline = new TimelineMax({paused:true}); b3Timeline.insertMultiple([ TweenMax.to(mainHolder.sImgHolder, 0.4, {x:-540}), TweenMax.to(mainHolder.barsMask, 0.4, {x:0, width:stage.stageWidth}), TweenMax.to(mainHolder.bar1, 0.4, {x:stage.stageWidth + 30, overwrite:3}), TweenMax.to(mainHolder.bar2, 0.4, {x:stage.stageWidth + 30, overwrite:3}), TweenMax.to(mainHolder.bar3, 0.4, {x:stage.stageWidth + 30, overwrite:3}), TweenMax.to(mainHolder.bar4, 0.4, {x:stage.stageWidth + 30, overwrite:3}), ], "TweenAlign.START"); b3Timeline.appendMultiple(TweenMax.allTo([mainHolder.bar1, mainHolder.bar2, mainHolder.bar3, mainHolder.bar4,], 0.3, {alpha:1}, 0.1), "TweenAlign.SEQUENCE" ); The timeline plays when the user clicks one of the bars, and is reverted on click on a close button. This far everything works nicely, but when i add mouse over & -out listeners to the bars, to call a function like TweenMax.to(mainHolder.bar1, 0.7, {x:540, ease:Exponential.easeOut}); (& back) the tweens seem to conflict: As long as the MouseOver/out Tweens are not finished, the tweening bars wil not start the x property tweens from the timeline . As you see, i tried to set the overwrite mode to 3, so this tweens would kill any existing tweens of the object, but it doesn´t seem to work... Any help would be greatly appreciated! thx, d PS: i attached the swf and main .as of the project. The problem occurs when you repeatedly click and close the 3rd bar from the top