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  1. Will this transform tool work in Flare Data Visualization? Don't let me lose you on this one, I am explaining my issue with another component, but at the end I need to know if this component will have the same issues before I purchase it. So I have been trying to use Senocular Transformtool (e.g. http://www.sephiroth.it/weblog/archives ... cation.php) in my FLARE based project, but it seems to have issues since I am trying to put the transformtool on node which is under many layers like the ones below. Flex Project Layers (top to bottom): -Application --Flare Vis ---visualization ----marks layer - all the sprites (nodes and edges of a directed trees) go in here these sprite (nodes) are what needs to be transformed. So, when I try to put the Senocular Transformtool on each of the layers, for testing, (Application, Flare Vis, visualization, or marks layers) the tool ends up on screen, but its the size of a pencil eraser no matter what size (w, h, scaleX, scaleY) I tell it to be. Before I buy this component, my question is will I have the same issue? Maybe someone who has the component can run a test in Flare for me? There are several Flare examples out there so you won't have to write your own. TIA, J