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  1. Hello again, Thanks this is nice but for sure that was just testing about tweens its not gonna be my organization of tweens or performances will go deep down ;D. Thanks for these interesting advices, and congratulations for this forum quite nice to read !
  2. So, lets think that i wanna launch all this tweens at the same starting point but with different duration and mixing attr and threejs functions like : http://codepen.io/onim4ru/pen/LbBNXz?editors=1010 My problem here is to launch at the same time. It is used to generate tweens depending of what my users wants. So i will prefere something like tweenmax.to (elem,duration, attr1 attr2 attrx ...) or simultaneous starting tweens like : tweenmax.to(elem1,duration, property1) tweenmax.to(elem2,duration, property2) tweenmax.to(elemX,duration, propertyX) .... Thank you for your ideas
  3. That was just to have a generic way of developping my animations. But it is luxurious to already have a solution ! =)
  4. Hi ! Thanks for your fast advices. On the codepen you could see 3 ways : - modifying pos directly but you dont have animations - try to use attr attribute for a position (doesnt work) - modifying 3d object The way 3 is the animation i want but i want to use the attr attribute, is it possible ? http://codepen.io/onim4ru/pen/woXygR?editors=1010 I would like to make like my goUp() function but i wanna this acting like goRight().
  5. Hi ! I'm playing right now with Aframe position attribute on 3d object and with tweenmax. The way you advices with the : el.setAttribute('position', {x: 1, y: 2, z: 3}) Works well but is it possible to use the attr attribute from greensock ? This one doesnt works .... TweenMax.fromTo(element, 5000), { attr:{position:{x: 1, y: 1, z: 1}} }, { attr:{position: {x: 5, y: 5, z: 5}}, delay: 4000, ease: Strong.easeOut })) This way works but in a blink of an eye the value switch to 1 -> 5 so you dont have animation, just replacing values TweenMax.to(element, 5000, { attr:{position:"30 30 30"}, ease: Strong.easeOut, delay: 4000 }) Do you have an idea please?