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  1. Sorry, my bad. Yes, I had simply copied and pasted the movie clips on the stage, and forgot to change the instance names. Once the instance names were unique of each movie clip, everything worked fine. ID-10-T error.. i.e. The problem excited between my chair and keyboard. lol
  2. I have three movie clips on the stage. Inside each movie clip are four objects named "hover1" -- "hover4" Inside each movie Clip is this code. for (i=1;i<=numberOfQustions;i++){ //setup hover effects eval("hover"+i).useHandCursor = false; eval("hover"+i).onRollOver = function (){TweenLite.to(this,.5*tT,{_alpha:50});}; eval("hover"+i).onRollOut = eval("hover"+i).onDragOut = function (){TweenLite.to(this,.5*tT,{_alpha:0});}; } When I mouse between the objects in the same movie clip, everything works perfectly. However, when I quickly move from one movie clip to another, onto a hover with the same name in another movie clip, the "fade out" stops. I tried adding "overwrite" to the tweens (0,1,2,3), but not gave the correct effect. Please help! I don't want to make the names in each MC unique - it defeats what I'm going for, the contents of these movie clips needs to be identical. Thanks!
  3. Is it possible to tween to an arc? For example TweenMax.to(mc,1,{_x:##,_y:##,Arc{height:pixels, orientation:degree}}). To where the center point is calculated, and the arc is calculated based on the height, then the arch direction is plotted out using the orientation value... Or is there something already built somewhere that'll do something like this?
  4. Thanks! I'll upgrade to TweenMax. If I've already written my code using TweenLite.to, can I use TweenMax.killAllTweens() and it'll kill TweenLite's tweens too?
  5. Is there a command that allows me to kill (stop) all Tweens on all objects?
  6. I just started using TweenLite and I've been tasked to create a scrollbar for a SWF page. Basically I intend to load the SWF inside a MovieClip with a mask and use _x/_y to make it scroll with a graphic element (MovieClip). I'm betting TweenLite/Max can handle something like this really well. Does anyone have any code snippets they want to share (ActionScript2 Please).
  7. It was my fault (no surprise) Because I can't really send the .fla file, there are about 20 Custom classes and many external files, I built a sample from scratch using the nested MovieClips as used in my production .fla. As I was doing so, I did something I wasn't sure I did in the real .fla - I set the background layer _visible to false. I did a test on the same and sure enough, forgetting to do that causes this issue - because - I in the real .fla I have code added that if you click the background and there's no message on the screen, remove it. (I do this because some thin clients had issues). When I opened the original .fla sure enough I forgot to set _visible to false on the background (it's _alpha is zero). Because of the code to remove the background if there's no pop-up visible, it removed it, and then the rollovers worked - giving the appearance of loosing focus. Once I added _visible false to the function that runs onComplete, it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help (just being there for your users! ) Issue resovled - not sure how to flag it as such.
  8. Scenario: Have multiple MovieClips on the stage with rollover effects (acting as buttons). When I click a button a semitransparent background above the entire stage Tweens up (_alpha) over the entire stage. Blocking clicks from reaching other buttons on the stage while the message box is displayed. At the same time a movieclip (message box) Tweens in from the right. On the message box there is a close button (movieclip). When the close button is clicked, the message box tweens off stage and the background alpha tweens to 0 then background visibility is set to false - allowing the stage to be clicked again. Issue: When the message box tweens off and the background tweens out and visibility set to false, you can't mouse over the buttons on the stage. However, if I click anywhere on the stage, I can then mouse over the buttons and they react. It's like the stage has lost focus. Note: Before I added TweenLite and added the TweenLite.to methods, the message box and background effects were written with onEnterFrames and modifying the _x and _alpha values manually. Using this method, once the messages boxes were off stage and the background removed, mouse-over effects worked fine, without having to first click the stage. Using AS2. Thanks for any help. If I can't remedy this effect, I'll have to revert back to using onEnterFrame and removing TweenLite. Thanks! Wil