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  1. Yes, it works fine with Infinity thank you!
  2. The minimal demo is as simple as that: https://codepen.io/dodsocial/pen/BaVQGbz If we change computer time to more than 28 hours, gsap is broken forever. (Do not forget to choose the correct iframe for the live expression to work)
  3. I didnt mean gsap.ticker.timer but gsap.ticker.time (it was a typo only here in the forum). I found out that it has nothing to do with cordova. The reproduce step is simple in a simple page. Just load GSAP 3 library and type in console: gsap.ticker.lagSmoothing(false); Create 2 live expressions at Chrome Console (at the eye icon) 1) new date() 2) gsap.ticker.tick(); gsap.ticker.time; Change your computer time around 28 hours later or more (maybe 100,000 seconds?) and wait for 5-30 seconds for Chrome Tab to take the new time (you can check it in live expression 1 "new date()" when it changes). gsap.ticker.tick() destroys gsap.ticker.time (if 28+ hours passed instantly) and it is NaN forever and of course no tween is working. (In the other hand, if i add many times 24 hours (or anything below 27 hours) again and again is ok)
  4. I have used GSAP 2 on website and cordova application without any problem. Since i updated to version 3 when i have the cordova application at background or the website opened (but on another tab) for 2-3 days everything stop working. I am trying to do manually many kind of tweens from console to any div but nothing is hapenning. Moreover, gsap.ticker.timer is NaN. (While the website or the application is on background no tweens are trying to be executed.) I use the following initial settings gsap.registerPlugin(Draggable); gsap.registerPlugin(Physics2DPlugin); gsap.registerPlugin(InertiaPlugin); gsap.registerPlugin(EasePack); gsap.registerPlugin(MotionPathPlugin); gsap.ticker.lagSmoothing(false); I will try without lagSmoothing to see if this is the problem, but it is so hard to reproduce because i have to wait 2-3 days every time.
  5. When i use firefox to use tweenmax on an jquery object that is currently display:none (and iframe's parent is display:none) i get the following error: TypeError: _getComputedStyle(...) is null TweenMax.js:3874:37 To make it work i changed the code of TweenMax.js (1.20.2) line 3874 to: if (_transformProp && ((none = (_getComputedStyle(e) == null || _getComputedStyle(e).display === "none")) || !e.parentNode)) { Related firefox bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=548397 Is there anything i am missing? I do not want to change the TweenMax library to make my site work.
  6. I have a window system with: 1 div as #window that contains 2 divs (#topbar & #content). The draggable content is the #window and the #topbar is the trigger for draggable. The #content is an iframe. When i drag the window very fast and the mouse enters inside the iframe the drag stop working! (jquery draggable has a fix for this: iframeFix:true) Do you have any ideas how to make it work? Thanks.