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  1. This has more problems than before Once you click on the menu item the only way to get it off is clicking on anther menu item, if you click on the menu item again it still stays active and also if you click off the menu it still stays open. On the original the only problem is that multiple menu drop downs can be opened.
  2. Hey guys, not relay on topic. But I remember you being helpful over here a wile back. Working on a Js drop-down and almost have it working perfect but js is doing my head in basically. When you click on a menu item it opens and once you click off it. it closes. Only problem I have is if you click from one menu item to the next the first one stays open. Seems like I need to use a loop or if statement? Have attached a codepen if you guys could do a fork that would be epic! Cheers
  3. Interesting. Hmm seems like I need to learn a few more coding languages or earn much more to hire a expert . Web Sockets seem like they could work well. Would it be weird doing a 1million page+ SPA ? What are the load times like using dynamic content like that over static? And I do have one off topic question. How hard is it to make a listing search Algorithm that for example somebody searches for "Hard Drive" and the outcome is something like this Slider 1 (cat) Used Hard Drives closing soon Slider 2 (cat) Solid State Slider 3 (cat) over 2TB Slider 4 (cat) portable
  4. Nice Work Blake. But its still not quite what I am after. (just shoot me now ) It is all about user flow. I made a image that hopefully will explain more. https://postimg.org/image/5dzsff8hp/ That image shows how the tabs would be used. Steps Loading Tab 1. User starts off at the browse tab. (page loads) (Browse) 2. User looks at a car listing (new page load) (Browse)
  5. Maybe, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want the 3 tabs to load instantly so i guess my only option is a single page that contains the information of 3 pages at all times. But those 3 pages that that one page loads can be all different. But you are right, a lot of the site will be AJAX. It is just not commonly done so i have my concerns I mean maybe a total ajax would be the way to go, its got me tossing and turning
  6. Hey Dipscom I made a basic Code pen so people know kinda what I'm after. https://codepen.io/single0speed/pen/WodNdY I am sure I will need lots of help with small scale things thought out this site build, Just finding the right people along the way. I am willing to pay good coin as I want this site to be lighting fast/safe/browser friendly. I will try explain the tabs better. When ever the user is on the site they have there 3 options of browse / hub / sell. I have this crafty idea that all three pages are pre-loaded/on one page. So a user can be browsing cars deep on the brows
  7. Hey Dipscom Ill look into UX Flow today. Normal tabs allow you to split content on one page Ill put a link. http://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_tabulators.asp I want mine to split content over a website. So the website is more like a fork that has 3 pages open at all times but the tab just selects the one you are after. But once you load the first 3 simple pages you only ever load the one your on. I do understand this is not best practice for development and load times.. but on mobile its just amazing functionality that plenty of sites need it. Here is a link to
  8. Hey guys I am Justin, first post here. The community over here seems to know there stuff so hopefully you can solve my problem with making tabs in GSAP I am making this website like eBay, but much smaller scale. The top of the site is broken into three tabs. Browse / My Hub / Sell. If the user is in the browse tab he will be searching listings (this is also the default tab on the home page) If the user is in My Hub he will be looking at account information and watchlist... If the user is in sell he will be selling things ect. I can do simple tabs no worries but I nee