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  1. Hi Guys, first Time, when i clicked on greenbox, it show correct position, But when i move it to another position then clicked it again. it show wrong position. pls help me to figure out..
  2. Hello everyone, I have worked on JS-based animations with GSAP libraries for one year. The product I am working on is that provides User Mostly, I use TimelineMax to create timeline animations by using top/left, opacity, scale,... properties. I think my app will be better if I can combine Built-in animations with Timeline, then I can schedule the built animation with duration and offset in my timeline. Built-in animations for example: bounce, slideIn, flash,... reference here: https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/ It's a big challenge to translate from CSS to GSAP based Javascript animations. So I am looking for a plugin powered by GSAP Timeline libs. Please tell me if you have any plugin like that. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. That is clearer test case: http://codepen.io/duytan/pen/eWGRXE which using Draggable latest ver 1.19.1. The element is slightly vibrated when checking on Safari. I can't use "x,y" type in my case because of the consistency. By the way, I found the solution in my case by just using Draggable ver 1.18.0. In my opinion, I think you should keep previous behavior, should not round position values maybe it can cause some problems like my case.
  4. Hi Jack, actually I am working on an app that allows user can design HTML5 element by dragging from A position to B position in percentage and pixel. I met this issue when trying to convert percentage to pixel once user mouse down on the element. The element's position is lightly vibrated. That is my previous topic: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/16365-draggable-topleft-in-pixel-and-percentage/
  5. Hi everybody, I met an issue that is when I set the Top/Left position manually in onPress function that position values are rounded down even I tried using autoRound: false. I created an example via codepen. Is there any way to prevent that issue, please share me. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everybody! Just wondering, I am doing a web app it allows user can move the position of an element in Top/Left, they can change the type of position in Pixel or Percentage manually. But as I known Draggable only works on Pixel. To do it I tried converting Percentage to Pixel and using Update method when user hover the element. But it is a cheat and sometimes the position of the element is vibrated. Any advice? Wish all you the best!