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  1. I am using it right now in the old way(1.20.4) without import or anything as simple as: <script src="tweenlite.js"> <script src="draggable.js"> <script src="tweenlite.js"> <script> TweenLite.set($elem, {something:something}); </script> after updating to 2.0.0 do I need to change anything? does it now support less browsers?(if yes should we use babel on it?)
  2. amazing. little thing that can help you sell more is use js script to build the scene instead of php
  3. I think its a bug thats appears in the latest version 1.20.2 sometimes when you creating a new tweenlite.fromTo and passing some variables with onUpdateParams the variables not always passing you can clearly seeing this by looking at the console var test = 'test'; var t = TweenLite.fromTo(".blue", 1,{width: "1px",}, { width: "200px", onUpdate: testbug, onUpdateParams: [test], }); function testbug(x){ if(!x) console.log('bug?') }
  4. the internet is full of js\browser performance tips and guide. the best thing you should know that will help you get started is f12>performance tab. rule of thumb is you want to get 60fps so you have 16ms for each frame, if anything take longer start to explore why
  5. Hi its have some similarity but I believe its a different bug about ctrl+a inside textarea when the textarea is inside a draggable element when dragClickables:true, I can verify that draggable is listening to selectstart and when removing this listener ctrl+a is working great.. I put a link to a github issue on other library but referencing the same selectstart event bug
  6. when there is a input or textarea inside draggable element with type:"x", dragClickables:true, shortcuts like ctrl+a not working. tested on chrome 56.0.2924.87 googling about it I saw this issue https://github.com/react-dnd/react-dnd/issues/178 it seems like the bug is because of listening to selectstart
  7. I run across something similar not 1 on 1 but try looking at the gpu memory used, as retina screen probably taking 2x gpu memory. (press f12 than on more tools->rendering->fps meter) if it's not helping click on timeline tab press record with the retina and without and try to see whats happening
  8. Thanks. in my case only display:none helped out with performance. I started doing this hack because on low-middle mobile devices like lg g3 the gpu memory can filled up easily in my case and the animation became really slow and low fps unless I use the display:none. I noticed it but still I preffer of having 50 ms lags on low end devices vs all animation are laggy Thanks a lot
  9. what is the best practice of managing gpu memory with gsap? I have 100+ items(each item is complex html) that will need to be tweened somewhen(rotateY) maximum of 4 elements can be tweened in the same time right now when item is needed to be tweened I create a new tween for him and store the tween in tweens array so if some element will be needed to be retweened I can access him without creating new object. I managing this by simple display:block display:none and transform: none !important elements to free up gpu memory so actually only 6 elements are actually visible anytime in mobile so to simplified it this is the html <div class "container"> <div class="tweenable-element invisible element1"></div> <div class="tweenable-element visible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element visible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element visible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element visible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element invisible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element invisible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element invisible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element invisible"></div> <div class="tweenable-element invisible"></div> </div> do you recommend me to also remove unused tweens with something like kill() or invalidate()? should I also free up the tween after killed from the tweens store array? does unused tween prevent the browser from freeing up memory? Thanks a lot
  10. I can see it working great in the example but it has the feeling of some hack maybe I can offer a new feature: a null type, it will make a lot of sense even in the examples you gave instead of using invisible div actually it will be a good replacement for hammerjs for example. Thanks a lot really appreciate your response.
  11. hmm I am new to gsap world so maybe I am missing something, draggable is the only "touch" module in greensock no? I am creating an effect that can be controlled by dragging\touching very similar to slider\carousel but the only thing that change when dragget is the rotateY property of the element. so I don't need any of the default styling options..
  12. I want to use draggable without it setting any style for me while dragging I found out about zIndexBoost: false to prevent it from messing up with the z index values. cant find anyway to prevent it from dealing with translate3d values, did I missed something? thanks