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  1. Doh. A simple typo! (I missed "new" before TimelineMax.) Everything works as expected now.
  2. I have a timeline which I need to jump around a few times, in the following way: 1 x Start 3 x Middle section 1 x End So the Start animation plays once, and leads into the Middle section which is repeated 3 times, and then finally the End animation plays once and the whole thing finishes. I'm not quite sure how GSAP wants me to handle such a situation. I made three timelines, and placed an onComplete in Start, calling Middle -- which loops three times, and then called an onComplete for End. Unfortunately GSAP doesn't seem to like me creating three timelines. var TLend = TimelineMax({ repeat: 0, paused: true, defaultEase: Power4.easeInOut }); var TLmiddle = new TimelineMax({ repeat: 2, paused: true, pauseDelay: 3, defaultEase: Power4.easeInOut, onComplete: function() { TLend.play() } }); var TLstart = new TimelineMax({ repeat: 0, paused: true, defaultEase: Power4.easeInOut, onComplete: function() { TLmiddle.play() } }); If I do this, I get a weird error: tweenmax…_min.js:16 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'vars' of undefined I assume that GSAP wants me to work in a different way (perhaps using pause() and resume()?). What's the best way to achieve what I want in GSAP? Thanks!